Cameroon Update

This is Bella McKay reporting the last Cameroonian team report from the capital! On Friday we went shopping. The 18 Cameroonteam enjoyed the handmade souvenir stores and the open market shopping. They bought an array of gifts for their families and supporters. They especially enjoyed their new Cameroonian drums on the drive back home! On Saturday we foot washed on the base for the very last time. We wanted to make sure the team ended their mission on a foot washing day instead of a shopping day. The team washed 142 orphan’s feet! Praise The Lord for this last opportunity he blessed us with. On Sunday we went to a Cameroonian church service. The church was up high in the hills and was absolutely beautiful. The people at the church told the team they built their church so high up in the hills so as to be closer to heaven. That afternoon we were also graciously invited to the “Fon’s Palace”. The Fon is the leader of the village that the base is near and is in charge of over 6500 people. The team was able to ask questions and sing a worship song to him. It was an amazing experience that the team felt very grateful for! At night we enjoyed our last team time. We reflected on the summer and gave each other awards for some goofy attributes we all portrayed the last two months. It was a nice time to close our last night at the base. Tomorrow we fly out! Please pray for safe travels and wisdom for the leaders and team members as we head out. Your children will be seeing you soon! Weather is mild and a tad rainy. Everyone is safe and healthy.



  1. PRAISE GOD!!!! Come home!

  2. PRAISE GOD!!!!

  3. We are praying for safe & good travels and will be tracking your flights throughout your travel time. Thank you so much for one more update from the field. I always enjoy reading them and feeling a little more connected. Happy to hear that you made it to the Capital! The first leg of your journey home is behind you.

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