Malawi #2 Strikes Huge Water Aquifer — Villagers Shout and Dance with Excitement!

So many miracles in a few short days… Last week, at a depth of about 75 feet, a seal on our mud pump failed Malawi #2 2014and our project ground to a stop. With only a few project days remaining, it looked like the hope of leaving our Muslim village with a desperately needed water well was over. After much prayer and some phone calls, our missionary, Mr. Frey, was able to contact another missionary, Larry, who came and joined us with his mud pump (and submersible pump) for our final 2 days with the Yao tribe. We were able to complete our drilling at a depth of about 99 feet in the morning of our last day in the village. After lunch we installed the casing into the hole and then dropped in the submersible pump to finally determine for sure whether or not we had found sufficient water and to ‘develop’ or clean the well of the drilling mud…. To our delight and surprise, the pump ran strong for over two hours only stopping twice due to overheating but never running out of water! No volume test was necessary since the well was ‘recharging’ faster than our submersible could pump it!! What an amazing God we serve! What an awesome and miraculous answer to prayer! The team shouted and rejoiced together with the chief and his villagers as the water poured out. We made a circle around the well and gave praise and thanks to our Great and Powerful God for His mercy and grace. Whew! We had to leave early the next morning since our reservation at the game park could not be moved.


About six staff and student from Teen Missions Mangochi Bible School provided security for the drilling site and our camp 24/7. They also served with us in evangelism translating our testimonies, dramas, Bible Stories and games with the villagers. We grew close during our time together with these dear brothers in Christ. To our joy and amazement, they were able to complete the pump installation the same day we had left!! To God be the glory! Dave Chale, the Teen Missions base coordinator in Mangochi reported that the Yao villagers danced and shouted as the pump began pouring out clean drinking water! Our Malawian staff and students took their first drinks from the well as did some of the villagers. They discovered that the water from the well was not only plentiful but of a good quality (no salt taste!…). Our God is so good!


Our team enjoyed an unforgettable day at the game park. We saw a huge herd of elephant in the distance and many kudos, monkeys, and other herds of game. Later, along the water’s shore line we found hippos and more elephants in the distance. On the drive back we also saw a water buffalo! In the evening, another herd of elephant actually arrived at our lodge location and was eating a stones throw away in the dark! Our leader, Steve could even hear them chewing in the dark beyond their lodge. We also saw more game the next morning from the observation tower where we took in the scenic view. The team held devotions and girls GG class up there as well. We returned to Chipoka and on finished our souvenir shopping yesterday. The girls enjoyed exercising their bartering skills! We also visited the beautiful beach at Senga Bay and took in another Malawian Boot Camp rally last night. This morning, is our last full day in Africa. It is a happy/sad time for us. We watched the Malawians running the obstacle course and now the team is doing laundry and preparing for tomorrow’s travel.


A BIG thank you to all the families and friends who have been praying for us. Your prayers have made an impact and life here in Malawi will be different as a result! Please pray for the hundreds who heard the gospel (many no doubt for the first time…) as we shared each day. Pray also for the Sunday School (MSSM) planned for this village as they ‘water’ the ‘seeds’ we planted. Many other chiefs came to watch and asked for us to come to their villages.


Here are some final thoughts from our team members (and staff kids…) as we close our awesome time here:


Alex Phillips — It feels a lot better to do things for other people no matter how much you want to be home. It’s a pretty amazing feeling. I will see you guys in exactly one week! Hi mommy, daddy, grandma and Wy. 🙂


Lea Anderson — This summer has been amazing! It has been a great adventure. Getting a well done was a miracle! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all us girls!


Emma Ross — I have learned so many important lessons over the course of this summer with my team in Malawi, and one of the most prominent ones is that God knows the perfect time for everything. Sometimes when things wouldn’t work out and we ran into problems that we thought would delay the well, God used those situations (like the pump breaking) to rely on Him and as a result, answered our prayers and allowed us to finish the well.


Shania-Naje (Nia) Omega — This whole month has been amazing. I’ve seen so many miracles occur from prayer. This has been the most amazing summer and I feel so blessed. I have the most amazing team!


Heather Lex — This entire experience has been amazing and I can’t wait to tell everyone about it when I get home. It seems crazy that a week from today I’ll be with my family. I’m excited to be home, but I really don’t want to leave.


MacKenzie — Hey Ya’ll! It’s Kenzie! God’s changed me so much! He’s taught me a lot too! He’s taught me to trust in him and to not fear because I know that he’s with me . I’m super stoked to get home and see my family, but I’m also super sad that I’m leaving Malawi. To my family – I love you and miss you so much! SEE YOU SOON!! 🙂


Lucy Killacky— Being in Africa has taught me a lot aobut how quickly you can adjust to your surroundings and how little you need to survive on. Being surrounded by people that are focused on the same goals as you has been an amazing experience. I’m looking forward to going home but I’ll miss Malawi.


Kira Barr — I am looking forward to being home in one week, but I think I will be homesick for Malawi and our team. We finished our well in just 8 days which only happened because of your prayers and many miracles. Now the people of Kawale village have clean drinking water and have heard the gospel! On our safari we saw 16 or 17 hippos and tons of elephants – just another blessing another blessing. Love you all!


Anna Orange — Every day on this trip we have learned new things however, now that we are at the end I think that the biggest lesson I have learned is being content with what I have. God has really shown me how fortunate I am even when I have been living in Africa. This trip has truly been a blessing, and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with my family and friends!


Harmony Shropshire — I am looking forward to the phone call home to hear about my new niece and to talk to my family whom I haven’t seen in a month. Time has flown by and I have seen one of God’s miracles almost every day. Thanks for the prayer and support. See you all soon! God bless!


Meredith Stack — Just in these two months I have seen that God is so much bigger than I could ever imagine and my mind cannot comprehend all He has done for me, my team, the leaders, the Malawians, and our project.


Joelle Valentine — Hey Y’all, Joelle here spending her last full day in Africa! It has been a blast, drilling the well was so many miracles put into one! I can’t thank you enough for your prayers and support, we coiuldn’t have done it without y’all! I can’t wait to hold Mila & Rye and give my family hugs! Signing off.


Ally Wall — I have learned so much from this trip about friendship and family building. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for my life.





  1. To my favorite Drill Team: So thankful for answers to prayers for your success in buildinGg a team and drilling a well. Prayers for safe travel.

    God Bless! Love you Kira! xoxo

  2. so proud of all of you to let God transform you into His image . Loving hard working hands and feet and big hearts create His LOVE MADE REAL. thanks Lea Anderson expanding our world . xoxooxoxoox May the well always have clean restorative life giveing water . Abundent for all . AMEN

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