Myanmar/Cambodia going to Hong Kong

Our last morning in KC was bittersweet. We had ate and had devotions before we left on our newly poured floor Myanmar 2014and Myanmar 2014under roof! We were able to watch the Cambodians run Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014the OC for the first time and enjoyed cheering them on. They “fly” over the wall…It was a little painful to watch a kid in soccer cleats climb on another kid’s shoulders to get over the Wall. After packing the truck with our duffels, we walked out to the main dirt road to meet the bus and said our “good-byes” to Mat Wylie.

We arrived safely in Siem Reap after a bumpy seven-hour bus ride. Everyone unloaded the bus and walked with the duffels a short distance to the Teen Missions in Cambodia base. We quickly settled into our rooms and waited patiently for dinner. The lady leaders were excited that they would be cooking with gas for the first time this summer. However, there were no large pots and only one burner working. Therefore, the Chicken Alfredo was made in three batches, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Dessert consisted of candy from after Commissioning and we still have enough for one more meal today!

After dinner, we had library ready time and then everyone climbed up to the third floor deck where there was a great breeze and Cole Holiman shared during evening devotions. He had a great message about all that he learned this summer. We ended the evening in prayer and the team had their nightly ritual of “fellowshipping” with one another before heading off to bed.

We actually slept in until 6AM and then had a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bread and jelly, fruit loops and COLD milk. After breakfast and devotions, we had our last reading time and then headed off to the market. No one bought anything except drinks and ice cream, but it was priceless to watch their faces going through the meat market. McKenzie Davis said, “I am never doing that again!”, so, of course, I had to make sure we managed to go through the fish part before leaving the market!

We are headed to the airport around 7:30 in the morning for our flight to Hong Kong. We are all looking forward to sleeping on mattresses and in AC tomorrow night. Wednesday morning we will head onto Chicago and then to Orlando. The team will be making their phone calls home from Chicago ONLY, so please keep your cell phones on. It will take about an hour or so to get through customs, so the calls should come between 2-4 PM CST. If they do not have a phone card, I will allow them to use my cell phone, but it will have to be short calls as I am limited on minutes.

Thank you again for allowing your kids to go with us this summer. Words will never adequately express what each and every one has come to mean to me. They have been such a blessing to me personally and also to so many others with whom they have come in contact.


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