Philippines team packing up

Sunday we did one last presentation in church. They recognized each of us and gave a remembrance gift, and Philippines 2014Philippines 2014the whole church sang Happy Birthday to Dylan! For Sunday school, each team member shared a 7 minute testimony and favorite verse in front of the youth group.

Monday morning we will make one last trip to the post office, tie up our duffels and begin our long journey back.

We are looking forward to making phone calls from the Chicago airport on Aug 6 after we get through customs and before we have to head to the gate for our final flight to Orlando.

From the Team:

It’s July 31st, we have 5 days left including today. Today was our last organized EV trip, yesterday was our last work day which I think I am a little more disappointed about than ending EV. It will be pretty hard to leave here to return to the States, but I’m pretty excited to be in a familiar place with familiar faces, the only thing that I miss here in the Philippines is a bed mainly because of my back problems. Contrary to my fears I have been able to make it this far without getting some sickness, going to the hospital for asthmatic related purposes, or breaking my back. As far as injuries go, it’s just been blood blisters and cuts. Tomorrow we are taking a boat to a different island to go to a special beach and we’ve also been told that we will have a pig to eat there, which sounds pretty good right now. I received my 8th or 9th letter from my mom and finally my FIRST letter from my dad. I can’t wait to get home and rest and celebrate my birthday.
-Dakota Brown

Hello everyone, Connor here from Tacloban! Well, we are wrapping up our mission here, and it is very bittersweet. I am excited to see my family, but I will miss my family here on the Philippines. God has done amazing things here, from rebuilding homes to presenting the Gospel to over a thousand children at once. Through God, this has been a very successful mission, and I know a part of me will remain here in the Philippines.
– Connor Henderson

This past week or so has been fun yet stressful. We’ve been rebuilding a church and presenting at schools. Also we went to the dump where people were literally climbing on our truck and taking our trash for building materials.
– David Baldwin

Hey guys, coming home soon! Miss everyone, and I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. We go to talk to so many kids, and it made me realize how much I have and how even the smallest things made them happy. See you soon.
– Bailey West


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