S. Africa Update

The wall is complete! Well, at least the East and South East sections. It all came down to the wire, putting up and 28 South Africamortaring the last slabs on friday followed by topping it off with barbed wire on Monday before the team washed up and packed out ready to leave on tuesday. The tam feels emotional in many ways, they all miss their families and friends back hone but have also formed new a new family and new friends here. Saturday was very special as we were able to go and do street evangelism on last time with the Bible students here at the Teen Missions base. We also gathered together for a team banquet. We all revealed secret prayer partners, we all had people we secretly wrote prayer notes to throughout the summer. Mr. Shrock also handed out some awards he created specific for each team member. To name a few Caity’s award for constantly needing a bandaid, Hannah Renton’s award for knowing the most of music and movies, and finally savannah’s award for always losing her belongings. Sunday we visited a new church for our last sunday here, this church was in a tent and was very beautiful. After the team presentation the church musicians began to play “I’m So Glad”, one of the puppet songs we performed which has always been a hit with Phillips and Noah’s funny facial expressions. To finish the day off, the team had the opportunity to quiz against the Bible students here and actually beat them! Hopefully it gave the team some confidence as they go up against all of the other teams back at debrief. Much of the team have memorized all 40 versus and have begun preparing for the debrief Bible Quizzing. After work Monday and packing out the team received their last on field team devotion from Mr. Bland who is here to check on the base. We also sang songs from America, Zimbabwe, Indonesia,South Africa and a Swahili song. The songs were al lead by students and interns from all over, the whole experience was truly a blessing. Pray for safety as the team travels back to the U.S. for debrief and on to home to our families and friends who we miss so much. God Bless.


While I was here in South Africa I learned a lot about team work. I learned that you con’t always do things by yourself and that it is okay to ask for help. For me that was the hardest part of my trip. I like to do things my own way so it is very hard for me to ask for help, not only from my teammates but also from God. This has been a big struggle in my spiritual walk with God because I would try to solbe my problem by myself in stead of going to God. Since I have been here I’ve learned to ask for help and to lean on God.

~Caity Neal


This is our last night here, it’s crazy to think after spending only 2 months with a group of people I just met and already consider them family The Shrock’s are full of God’s love and have treated us way too good. God’s love shows through them every day. South Africa has definitely left an imprint on my heart. Our wall is finished and I can’t wait to hear about the samaritan lady’s center when it’s all finished.

~Kara Boyle


Wow, I can’t believe that I have made it this far! God has been doing some amazing things in my life while I have been here in South Africa. I have made some great friends in South Africa that I never want to leave. Our team has officially finished the “East Wall”! I have been able to make it through all 40 versus and all of this has happened with God’s help! God even made this trip possible for me so that I am able to share His love with the people of South Africa. Although I can’t wait to get back to my family at home, I never want to leave this family I have made with my team and the people of South Africa!

~Madeline Spahr



  1. Oh my aching heart! I am so proud of all of you!! I can’t wait to see all of you!!

  2. Oh my aching heart !! I’m so proud

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