Honduras is preparing to travel

The Honduras team has completed their time of work and only have a day of cleaning between them and the flights 20 Hondurasback to Debrief. It is a very bitter sweet time, but we are trying to enjoy our last hours in this wonderful place.

Friday was our day to go souvenir shopping. The team enjoyed buying machetes, dresses, jewelry, shirts, and other items to remind them of their time in Honduras. In the evening we had a fun bonfire with the children. We roasted marshmallows, sang songs and played a game under the stars.

On Saturday morning we loaded on the bus again for a two hour drive to the Teen Missions base in Honduras. We saw the beautiful property and played a lively game of soccer. After lunch on the bus we were off to a waterfall where we went swimming, ate ice cream, an enjoyed the gorgeous falls.

We spent Sunday practicing memory verses, having team time, and eating a very late, but delicious chicken dinner. Yesterday was our last day of work, and in the evening we joined the children and staff of the children’s home for a Honduran meal to celebrate the month we spent here.

We can’t believe it has been a month already! The time has flown by, but it also feels like we’ve been here forever. Today we are cleaning all the buildings we have been using, and tomorrow morning we will be waking up very early to fly to Debrief. We are sad to leave this amazing place, but we have our journals, photos, and memories to take with us. We’ll be seeing you in a week!




“This weekend we went shopping and to a waterfall! We had an awesome bonfire with the children which I will never forget. Although we’re getting ready to leave and though I’m happy to see my family (love you guys!), it’s going to be hard to leave our temporary home. This trip has been life-changing, and has been such an amazing experience!”.   -Jesie Lawson

“Our last weekend and week in Honduras has been an experience I will never forget. We got to go to the TMI base here, and it is so beautiful! After, we got to go swimming and see the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen! we also got to go into the city and experience Honduran shopping. Monday was our last day of working, and even though we are facing some challenges, we were all able to work hard in the end. Our team is learning so much, and even though we are still learning, I know God has a reason why we are all here. ”     -Jasmine Dark

” Today is clean up day and tomorrow we are on the plane heading to Debrief in Florida. We have mixed emotions as this trip is coming to a close, but it is so cool to see the Lord still working in and through our team. Last night the children’s home gave us a Honduran meal as a way to say thank you. We are all going to miss the kids very much but now we all get to go back home to our siblings and show them the same love.”   -Karissa Wright




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