Evans, Amanda Newsletter (Fall 2014)

Evans Staff NewsletterHey Friends and Family,

2014-07-25 10.38.34Summer is over and it is time to write another letter to tell you what has been happening. In my last letter I told you I was going to Honduras and was looking forward to the trip. But due to the need to apply my finances to fixing my teeth and an issue with my foot, I wasn’t able to go. So I stayed home and became a part of the summer staff, which I loved.  

We had a small, but good group of summer staff who worked well together. Mowing the grass, cleaning dorm rooms an2014-07-25 10.39.11d answering phones 24/7 were just some of the jobs I helped do. We were blessed to receive the reports from overseas and to see how the Lord worked in many lives. When the Debriefs began, I helped in the kitchen which was responsible for feeding anywhere from 50-300 team members/leaders. Sometimes we started the coffee as early as 4:30 AM and then didn’t finish preparations for the next day until after 8 PM, but we had such a great time working together in the kitchen. The Teen Debriefs were large with 11 and 13 teams at each, as well as a three-team Debrief for Preteens in between. I appreciated your p2014-07-27 08.48.17rayers—there were ups and downs, but praise God, He is always in control.

We were blessed to have a work group from Ohio come after Boot Camp was over. They were here for 10 days and were a BIG help in doing various projects such as washing the Big Top #1 Tent that was very dirty from being up for two months. They also cooked for the summer staff and their fellowship was awesome. Thank you!

The Lord did mighty things through our teams this summer. One of the Well-Drilling teams in Malawi was able to complete a well and provide fresh water for a Muslim vil2014-07-27 09.34.05lage. The Medical/Eyeglass Team handed out many pairs of glasses to villagers in Zambia who couldn’t see well along with doing minor medical care. The China Team helped run an English Camp for kids. In the Philippines, they helped rebuild a church and homes after the typhoon went through two years ago and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. The list goes on and on as to what God did and is still doing in many of these countries. You can go to our website at www.teenmissions.org or our Facebook page to see many pictures of teams serving in their countries.2014-08-10 14.01.47

After the summer I was able to go visit friends in Kentucky and North Carolina and then back in Florida. I also was able to buy a car. It was a good and relaxing time for me to recharge after the busyness of the summer.

Now we are back in the office, getting ready to send out our brochures for 2015. There are already over 90 registrations for the 2015 teams! We will be mailing the brochure in November, but the teams have been listed on our website since the beginning of July. I will be involved in mailing out the support packets beginning next week. Before you know it, it will be Boot 2014-01-07 19.08.03Camp time again!

I want to thank you all for your support—financially and in prayers. I could not be here if it were not for your faithfulness. THANK YOU!

In His Service,

Amanda Evans


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