Ochom, Francis & Betty Newsletter (Fall 2014)

I greet you all in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. This is what has happened in the short time since I married Betty Adeke this spring.

When we finished our wedding on April 5, 2014, we went on our honeymoon. After three days, the office from Nakabango called to tell us that our fellow staff from Koboko, Moses Ocen and Quinto Otema, had been involved in a motorcycle accident. So they called us from our honeymoon to go straight to the Koboko Base. It was a very challenging moment, but being a missionary, we could not say no.

2014 Ochom, Francis AdekeWe traveled from Jinja at around 7 PM reaching Arua at 7 AM and Koboko at 10:20 AM. Collins (former staff) picked us from Koboko and took us to the base and showed us the room where we would be sleeping and the work which needed to be accomplished at the base. So far, we have spent four months in marriage and working at Koboko Base as staff. Now, for the short time we have been in Koboko, we have done some work of plastering, clearing and meeting orphans.

At the Koboko base there are some challenges we have seen during the short time we have been here. Transport is one of the challenging parts in Koboko. If we visit the orphans in their homes, they are far away from the base and the place is so hilly. Koboko itself is bordering two countries—South Sudan and Democratic Republic Of Congo. This makes the prices of commodities very high. Another challenging part in Koboko is the community we are reaching out to. They need a good approach, especially with the fear that they have about every new person who enters their region. Theses are some of the challenges we have met within the short time we have stayed in Koboko.

The Koboko base still needs some maintenance before the Bible school opens, such as plastering and fencing. The reason why I say so is because the base is not yet finished and needs to be attractive to the people who will be willing to join the school as it is bordering two countries. It is a place where different people live, thus being an opportunity for the community. It needs proper fencing for the good of the base for security purposes. If we do that before the school starts, it will keep a good testimony or record for the ministry because no stranger will come in. So if there is a hope of a Bible school being opened, then let’s work on it. Thank you.

Francis and Betty Ochom

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