Winter Jam

FTMs we would love your help!

2013 WinterJam

Teen Missions will be a part of the Winter Jam Tour in the Spring of 2015.

We have 10 FREE tickets for those willing to help run the Teen Missions booth and hand out 2015 mission trip brochures at each venue. Go to for a list of locations and dates near you.

To sign up to volunteer or get more information,
Email us at: [email protected]











  1. my daughter is 12. she will be 13 in February but the event she wants to go to is on January 15. Is it possible to make any exceptions to her age?

  2. my daughter is 12 years old. she will be 13 on February 6 but the event she wants to volunteer at is on January 15. would it be possible to make any exceptions for her age?

  3. I was hoping I’m not too late to be able to help the Winter Jam in phoenix. Is it possible for me to come?

  4. I would like to know what are the ages for Teen group. I also would like to know how to volunteer and if their are fees to volunteer.

    Thank you
    Bernice Curley

    • Bernice, The teen group is for 13 and up. The only fee to volunteer during Boot Camp is the fee for the criminal background check.

  5. The Hedelius Family will be at Winter Jam in Boise to distribute brochures for TMI!

  6. My daughter is 14 and strongly considering going in the China trip 2015. She and Zi would love to volunteer with you for WinterJam in Atlanta.

  7. I would love to help with Winter Jam. Depending on the dates, I can help with with Des Moines, IA & Kansas City, MO.

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