MacPherson, Todd & Rosemary Newsletter (Fall 2014)

SAM_2350Dear Family and Friends,

Please join us in welcoming the birth of Kara Ioanna MacPherson. She was born on the 19th of February 2014. We are very grateful for our beautiful, strong and curious little girl. Kara is seven months old and on the go. She is already creeping everywhere. She keeps us busy as she moves to chew on things, and keeps us happy with her smiles and noises. Kara smiles the most beautiful smile and she loves picking up food on her own. She likes to walk if anyone will hold her up.  

Kara is our secIMG_1134ond blessing. Shemar cares for his little sister. When she is upset he sometimes will bring her a toy to play with. They don’t play a lot together, but I (Rosemary) can see it as a possibility. They are two of the three people who keep my life full.

Shemar turned two this year. We are excited for that and so grateful that he has been in our lives for these two years. If you have not met him yet, his favorite things are cars and books and he is a very easy-going guy. If you ask Shemar, “Shemar, what is your favorite toy?” he will reply “car car”.

In April we moved to Outlook, Saskatchewan from Carleton Place, Ontario to join Teen Missions staff in CaSAM_1457nada. Shemar was 17 months old and Kara was two months at the time and this move was harder than our move to Australia. It took a lot of time, headaches, long discussions and preparation. This time we traveled with two extra people and we moved to stay. I think we are finally moved in to our house in Outlook, but I have thought this before. We as a family have gotten used to the house and being away from grandparents all the time. It was a difficult transition and I am glad that most of it is over. I am also glad that it happened during the spring and summer, when we could get out of the housIMG_1975e and explore the town.

When we arrived in Outlook, we were met with a well-equipped office and a camp called Camp Outlook that is not yet operational. Camp Outlook is a really neat and beautiful place. It has some medium-sized fields, a hangout building, a kitchen building, nine cabins, a bathroom block and some other places to stay. It also has a view of a walking bridge over the Saskatchewan River. It also has a steep hill going down to it that only allows access to it by car when it is dry, which has happened often this summer. However, we don’t expect a lot of easy access to it during the fall and winter. There are many things that must be updated on the cabins and dining hall before it can host people. But we are optimistic that it will be up and running while we are here. We are excited to help increase the potential of this little camp.SAM_2444

Todd is working hard at Camp Outlook to do what he can this summer before it gets too wet to easily get down there. His work includes mowing the grass, working on railings that need to be put up, mowing the grass again and raking up the piles of grass.  In the fall we will join the other two staff members and do all we can to promote Teen Missions in Canada.  

The new world I now live in includes a smiling baby, a running toddler, a wonderful husband and a beautiful house. Each is a responsibility that sometimes feels heavy and sometimes feels light, but all are always present, andSAM_2443 all help me to grow. I am also fighting an eye infection I got in February. I just had another break in my medicine (I ran out without noticing), so it will be a few months before it is gone.

Thank you for your prayers and support,

Todd, Rosemary, Shemar and Kara MacPherson


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