Bangladesh Orphanage — Teen Trip


First Boot Camp  June 6—July 26

Come to Bangladesh this summer and be part of this unique opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ and experience many cultures in one place! After training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you will fly from the Orlando International Airport to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh via OHare International in Chicago and Hong Kong, China. From the airport, an hour-long journey by bus takes you to Hope Generation, a Christian ministry of compassion, that takes in orphaned and homeless children from among the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh. Here you will begin construction on a brick road between the orphanage and the school. Other projects will include maintenance and improvements on existing buildings and landscaping. During free time, enjoy playing games with the children and sharing the love of Christ through music, puppets and dramas that you learned at Boot Camp.  Housing will be in dorms; showers are available. Laundry will be done using buckets. You will have the chance to barter at local markets for local souvenirs of brass, wood and jewelry. After your project, you return to Hong Kong for an exciting day of sightseeing this vibrant city. You may ride the Star Ferry across Hong Kong Harbor and finish your souvenir shopping in some of the best Chinese night markets before returning to Florida for Debrief.  

Project Expense: $4690 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


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  1. Do you have to fly out of Orlando?

  2. so here is another random ?, i was watching boot camp vids and they were doing their laundry, they said u dip it in soapy water then plain water, so do u need to bring 1, 5 gallon bucket or 2?

  3. hey, so the whole Hong Kong tourist trip, is the star night ferry thingy included in the initial price?, also is the Bangladesh orphanage trip 1st boot camp in the trips 2016?

  4. Hello- when will the leaders be updating this blog? Last entry was October 2014. Thanks.

  5. Hi Beth,

    The PO BOX on the prayer card is not the same as the team fact sheet. Which one is correct? (Please say fact sheet, please say fact sheet)

    • Kelly, It is 277. Please follow the guidelines we sent earlier.

      • Thank you, Beth. The guidelines sent earlier in the Bangladesh fact sheet say PO BOX 227. Unfortunately we used the team fact sheet info to notify everyone of the mailing address. I just want to confirm that the prayer card is correct and the fact sheet is wrong. I don’t know that all the parents would have used the prayer card address, or maybe I’m the only one :).

        • Kelly, I am talking about the “special” guidelines we just emailed concerning luggage, etc and also letters to the team members. I am sure they will be able to get the mail to the other address. It is correct on the Prayer Cards and online. just let those know that the Prayer Cards are what is correct.

          • Already notified everyone of those specific changes, and thank you for your help with the PO Box clarification.

  6. Will we be using the wash bucket on the field?

  7. Hi everyone from the Bangladesh team! I just wanted to share my blog with you guys. My blog is about Bangladesh, a little of LBC, and leather boots. I wanted to share this so if you want to know a little about Bangladesh, you can easily learn without having to do all the research.

  8. Will the girls on this team be wearing skirts?

    • SavedbyGrace, You will have to wear skirts if you were told that in your Individual Team Fact Sheet.

  9. When will you post the mission destinations for Summer 2016?

  10. What mission projects still have openings for girls

  11. I recently registered for the Bangladesh mission trip. How soon before I receive word that my application was received and with which team I’m assigned?
    Thank you

  12. I have felt called to go to missio trips and spread Gods word im 15 and want to do this trip but I can’t afford it what can I do?

    • Cidney, We will provide prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support. The Lord will provide if this is what He wants you to do, but you will have to do some “work” to raise your support.

    • I had the same call and problem, but God has provided all the money I

  13. I want to bring a camera to take pictures for my family and I don’t want to have to bring a bunch of batteries. My parents suggest a solar powered camera, but I’m afraid of someone taking my camera while it’s sunbathing. Should I bring a camera and if so, what kind of camera?

  14. Hello,

    If a student has not had any immunizations during their lifetime, can she/he still go on overseas trips?

    Also, are any shots needed to go to Bangladesh?

    • Bonnie, Yes, you may go without immunizations. You will need to check with your doctor on what he/she recommends. There is nothing REQUIRED for Bangladesh.

  15. Hi Beth,

    Are you able to tell me how many guys are registered for this team? My son (who is registered) is curious. Thank you!

  16. Are there any girl spots left?

  17. If I wanted to go to Bangladesh, and I love in Canada, how much money would I have to raise.

  18. How do we see the others who will be a part of our missions team?

  19. I am 16 from Bangladesh. How can i join with Bangladesh Teen Missions from here ? I am very interested to Join . I hope your answer please! thanks

  20. Is there still spots open on this trip??

  21. Is this still open for girls

  22. Hey, so I have signed up for the Bangladesh team. I created a facebook group for anyone who has regestered for this team. I would like to get know you guys before bootcamp! Can’t wait for this trip! Below is the link to the group!

  23. I was wondering weather airfare was included in the price listed

    • Rose, It does include your round trip airfare Florida/Bangladesh. It does NOT include your round trip transportation to/from Florida.

  24. There is a fact sheet in my support package. In the little booklet, there is a section on musical instruments. It says if you play an instrument, bring it. I play the guitar. I am on the teen Bangladesh mission team. Should I bring my guitar? And if so, should I get a sturdy case for it?

  25. Are there any spots left? Me and my friends are very interested and have started fund raising.

  26. Hey Mrs. Kostner,
    Last night I had an idea that might be helpful, maybe not. If you make a separate page that has the availability of each trip on a list, you wouldn’t have to continually answer the “Is this trip filled up?” questions. Can’t Wait for my next summer in the Philippines! God Bless.

    • Sammy, The only problem with that is that some teams fill and then someone cancels or switches teams, so it is available.

      • Well I guess after that you could update it from time to time. I understand that it may be to much work.

        • Sammy, Also, it may keep someone from signing up. We had two girl registrations for only Guatemala this week (which has been full to girls since November). THAT DAY, we had two cancellations. Those girls may not have ever signed up if it was indicated that it was full to girls. There is a method to our madness…:)!

          • OOOOh I get it, there would always be that blip of time in which it would be wrong when someone cancels. My bad.

  27. Hello, I was just wondering if there were things to help us pay for our trips, or if there was anyway to do a fundraiser with your help to provide the fundings for us. I will be in the teen trips category next year, and would very much like to go, but do not have sufficient funding to make the trip. Thank you for your time, please get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks!

    • Ashley, We provide prayer cards and letters that you send out to friends, families, etc. to help you. You can also go to businesses (your doctor, dentist, etc) to ask for support. Other options are spaghetti dinners, car washes, bake sales and garage sales.

  28. Hi, I was wondering if they give out scholarships or some type of fund for the trips?

  29. Hi, could you tell me what city the orphanage is in? Thank you and Happy New Year!

  30. Does the price include the international flight? Are there any other costs? Thanks!

    • Chris, The costs do include the international flights. It does not include your round-trip transportation to/from Florida, passport and/or visa costs, departure taxes, spending money, etc.

  31. i really would love to go on this one but my mom is worried because of where it is. she saw both of the taken movies and is very cautious about letting me go over seas. it is as safe as possible right?

    • Johnnie, We will not knowingly send you into an unsafe place. We have changed the project site at the very last minute and have even brought a team back due to safety issues. We are in contact with the missionaries there and they will let us know if they deem it unsafe. This is one team I would really like to go on!

  32. Hello. I am thinking about going on a missions trip but I am having a hard time figuring out what and where I want to go. I would love to go to and help at an orphanage but I am willing to go wherever God leads me. Any advice? Thank you for your time.
    -Raymee Remer

  33. Do you offer an appilcation for financial aide?

  34. I would love to go I live in U.S. Always wanted to go on a mission trip and help people.!

  35. Could you please give me more details i live in the uk and am 16

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