Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Fall 2014)

Shrock Staff NewsletterGreetings to all our Friends and Family!

There’s an Ndebele quote from South Africa that says: “Inceba libabela umnikazi” translated it means “the one who feels the pain most is the one with the wound”. Wow! As we analyzed last term in Spiritual Life I about what Jesus did for us, this saying hit me (Karen) between the eyes. We have a Savior like no other world religion offers who suffered immensely and died a horrifying death for one reason—so that we could be totally forgiven of all past and future sins. His great wounds were because of His great love. We need to celebrate Jesus and the life He gives and that’s what we are doing in this newsletter. Join us!

Carol and Eivind Bray were the answer to our prayers for volunteers to come and begin our new projects. Eivind is a master carpenter and has been busy working with our students and staff to build the Tabernacle. With his expertise we now have the courtyard and the walls to the Tabernacle completed. We are left with the curtains, wrapping the wood in the metal and building the furniture. God has been amazing in all that has been completed thus far. Carol is a craft person extraordinaire! She has sewn anything that needs repaired for us, as well as helped us to begin the Samaritan Lady training outreach. We now have five ladies who have come to learn from her. She has taught sewing, jewelry making and baking, as well as how to make boxes to sell the jewelry in. The ladies seem to love her gentle spirit and desire to help them.

Island hopping South African style describes our two newest additions to the base. Tia and Shanty are new staff who joined us from the island nation of Indonesia. They graduated from our Bible school there and have decided to come and serve the people of South Africa. They are such a blessing to us and especially the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM). They really love the children and are working hard at learning some of the language to be able to speak to them. One of their gifts is that they are amazing musicians and singers. Together they have such a beautiful harmony. They were able to use this gift at a local missions fest and dressed in the traditional clothes of their island to sing and share with the children.

Amazing! It is the only word I can use to describe the U.S. team that served here for the month of July. Each team has its own flavor and uniqueness and this was no different. They worked as a team and were able to accomplish the work that we had for them. The team was made up of three guys and 13 girls, and they were given the task of building a concrete wall. They hauled hundreds of pounds of concrete sections to lift and put in place. The girls worked just as hard as the guys to get it put together. I am so proud of their commitment and desire to serve the people of South Africa by joining the MSSM outreach, picking up rubbish in the village for Mandela Day and walking evangelism. We really miss the times around the bonfire singing and laughing. They made a big impact among the students and staff and our family!

Our family is celebrating the diversity in South Africa as September is Heritage Month. Joy and Jolie are so much a part of what is happening around us and are learning Afrikaans and Tswana in school. Our house is always full of music with two teenage girls which many times stems from their involvement in Hillsong Church and knowing all the songs. Both are again in dance and love their new teacher. We look forward to the many celebrations that our family will go through during the rest of this year. Brent and Alison, as well as Jenn and Symps all moved into new homes this year. It is a blessing to see them settled. Joy will have her sweet 16, Karaline will turn 1 and Brent the big 30 this fall. Jason’s mom and dad will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this October!

We are so thankful, grateful, and appreciative for a special donation of $10,000 towards the bus. We currently have around $19,400 but need $30,000 total to purchase the bus. If you would like to give, send your donation to Teen Missions International, 885 East Hall Rd. Merritt Island Florida 32953-8418 and mark it as Bus Donation South Africa. Thank you to everyone who has celebrated with us in the many twists and turns in our lives and ministry. We pray the Lord will send many celebrations into your lives as you have blessed us so much.


Beginning of building Tabernacle, security fence and Samaritan Lady Training!

Jenn got a full-time job at the Johannesburg American International School. Impressive website at

August marked seven years of ministry in South Africa! (And we don’t have any plans of leaving!)


South Africa Boot Camp is Dec 13 – Jan 11 with four teams.

We want to see Jesus lifted high!

Strength through the struggles for our BMW students as they finish out this next term.

Provision of a new minibus to transport Samaritan ladies, students, Boot Camp teams and in other areas as needed.

Jason, Karen, Jolie & Joy

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God!”

PO Box 865, Pyramid, SOUTH AFRICA 0120

Cell: 027 079 393 0492

Email: [email protected]


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