Smith, Loretta Newsletter (Fall 2014)

SmithL Staff NewsletterGreetings everyone! It’s been five months since you last heard from me and this has been a very interesting summer. Here are some photos of where I am (and will be until the end of October), where I stayed and some of the trials and tribulations of missions.

P1010774The first picture is of my truck loaded to head for Indianapolis. Where did I sit to drive was the question. Leaving home for six months is like packing almost everything—clothes to work in, clothes for giving tours, Sunday clothes… Well I packed it all with my tools, pots and pans and the kitchen cupboard. It was a two-day trip to the destination and a day later the crew of 11, mostly our Bible School students, came up. The weather was extremely cold and rainy, so we set up the life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle in an empty field that was just mud. The church had no kitchen for us to cook in so the guys built me a lean-to to cook under. There was no refrigerator, but that was OK as it was freezing outside. The team slept on pews in the church and I opted for my truck.

P1010796P1010793It took us a couple of days over the allotted time to set up. The team left and I started doing the touch up stuff and cleaning to prepare for the opening. The CEO of Wheeler Mission, Rick Alvis, came by to see how we were doing; he found out that I was sleeping in my truck by the exhibit  in east Indy. “No way” was his first response. In two days a Wheeler board member offered me a 24’ motor home and the mission for women and children said I could park inside the gated parking area. I have electricity and I get my water, showers, laundry and one meal a day inside with the ladies. What a joy it has been to serve dinner for all the ladies and kids. I eat with them and share our Lord. Some of the ladies are in a program that is offered here. Higher Ground uses the Word to overcome addictions. It’s so good to see the ladies in the Word all day. After a few months here at the mission, if they have successfully gone through the program, they get to move to a nice home on five acres. I’ll have moved there myself by the end of September for about four weeks. I am looking forward to sharing quarters with 8-11 ladies. We will be sharing everything: food, sleeping areas and duties. This will be interesting for me….pray this old gal can be flexible.P1010798P1010799

The weather has been very “iffy” all summer. It rained most of June and July which included some tornadoes, hail and wind. I had a tornado at the Tabernacle, but it only caused hours of reset— no damage. I have worn a light jacket most of the summer because the high has been in the 60’s. I’ve heard how some of you have had extreme weather and have prayed often for relief.

The attendance here in Indy at the Tabernacle has been extremely low. Of course the odd weather didn’t help. I love telling His Story in the Tabernacle and have had several come back two and three times to take the tour. I’m the only staffer here in Indy and therefore it has been hard trying to keep regular hours P1010792P1010775and do promotions. My duties are to open the exhibit, keep the bronze clean, weed-eat the grass and do tours. Some days I’m pooped, but sleep really well. Sorry I haven’t been active on the internet or Facebook. I don’t have connections in the RV so I don’t get to use my computer very often.

The Lord is good and faithful. Please pray with me that the last few weeks we will see an upswing in attendance. We are also looking for places to set-up for next year in the spring. Any ideas? It takes a football field size area, 110 electrical outlet and some type of restrooms.  

I hope the pictures will help portray what I’m doing. They will allow you to see some of the ladies whom I have grown fond of; they are special and love our Jesus.

P1010812In Christ our Lord,

Sis Loretta Smith

Prayer requests:

That the Lord would open doors for my next assignment.

That the Lord would keep my mother safe and happy in her surroundings.

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