Anyara, Rose Newsletter (Fall 2014)

DADA ROSE (2)Greetings to all my friends and supporters.

This is my first newsletter since February of last year when I was assigned to the Promised Land, Kabaramaido, where I am serving the Lord with Teen Missions. I am at the Matron’s Unit Nehemiah House and we are near Lake Kyoga.

Truly when I was requested by Teen Missions to go to the Promised Land, Kabaramaido, I remembered that I used to try telling God that I don’t want to go there because of what has happened in previous years. I never dreamed that one day the Lord would speak to me to go there. This is one of the places where the rebel Joseph Kony had killed many people by slaughtering them, cutting off their ears, putting padlocks on their mouths, raping women, and burning people’s houses. I used to watch television and hear from those who had escaped death and I swore never to step there. But here God came to me and said, “Rose, you are going to Kabaramaido.” It was very hard for me, but I had to repent and choose to obey God and do His will.

Yes, I left Jinja Teen Missions base on February 2, 2013 and travelled by bus eight hours. I reached the Promised Land base at 6:00 p.m. When I GIRLS HOSTELreached the place, it was very far in the bush with no light, only darkness. It was too hot and the room they gave me to sleep in was full of dust and many mosquitoes. I sat on my bed several hours just asking questions and the Lord said, “Fear thou not for I am with thee” and I was encouraged. Morning came and I got to meet the girls who stay at the Matron’s Dorm, but they didn’t know English. When I spoke they were just looking at me until I started using signs so they could understand.

Most of the girls are orphans who are registered in the TTT Rescue Unit. Some are not orphans, but come from very poor families. When some of the girls report to Nehemiah House they have one bed sheet, one skirt and blouse, and their uniform; but they come without books, pens, buckets, cups, or plates. Sometimes we struggle so much, but we thank God for TMI who provides them with books, soaps, pens, mosquito nets and mattresses. Thank you so much for those who have been supporting us.

I started praying for God to provide for the girls and their needs and to help them learn English. One month in, the girls started speaking English, though it was broken. I encouraged them that as the days, weeks, months and years went on that they would be much better. Now at school they are the only ones who can speak English. We give God praise and honor. One day I told the girls to start praying in English and I could hear some girls just saying “thank you, thank you, Jesus, Father God” but now they can pray in English fully. Some of the girls in the pictures are the ones who are speaking English now. They are Helena, Rebecca, Linda, Jackie, SanDSC_0000306dra, Lillian, Agnes, Patricia and Mary. Now if you visit Nehemiah House you will only hear English being spoken and this is a big testimony.

In Nehemiah House, we now have 19 girls who are from grades P4 through P7. We also have dug a garden where you can see some of the girls weeding sweet potatoes. We planted green onions and tomatoes. They have learned to cook and they can slash the grasses on the property. One thing that we can praise God for is that these girls come when they don’t know Christ or even how to pray, but these girls have received Christ and are growing spiritually and physically. You can see some of the older girls in the picture and they are still in primary school. It’s because of the war which affected them and this made them delay in the start of their education. But I glorify God that the girls love school and are not ashamed.

On Saturdays I meet with them and teach them some songs and dramas so they can minister at church. They have been a very big blessing to this church. Every day we have morning and evening glories which are where we praise, worship, pray and share from the Bible. The big challenge is that many of them do not have a Bible.

Scary StoryDSC_0000119

One day when I was cooking for the girls’ lunch, I was scared. Our kitchen was in the bush under a tree. One day we were cooking lunch and there were eight monkeys that came and stole our sauce pan to eat it for food. We chased them away, but were very scared. We praise God for the simple kitchen that we now have closer to the Unit.

Victorious Story

One evening at 8:00 p.m. when the girls were sitting around, a girl named Robin fell down and started screaming and moving like a snake and jumping like a frog. She was attacked by demons and I told girls to close all the doors and windows so she couldn’t run into the bush or lake. So we praised and worshipped God and prayed for two hours. Afterwards the girl was delivered and gaveDSC_0000361 her life to Christ. This year she is doing P7—praise Jesus!

At Nehemiah House we don’t have a well as of yet. We dug a well but the water was too salty, so currently we have to bike a distance to get our water or use the lake water which is not clean. Pray with us that we will find a solution and be able to have clean water. We are also near the landing site where people keep many animals—pigs, cows, sheep and goats. These animals move all over our property and spread ticks. This term we had many ticks and chiggers. You can see in the photos where we are removing the chiggers.

I want to thank God for all who are supporting me financially and prayerfully. Thank you so much and God bless you so much.

Rose AnyaraDSC_0000366

Prayer Requests:

Good health and protection

Wisdom and knowledge in ministry


God provided solar power for Nehemiah House


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