Alia, Nelly Newsletter (Fall 2014)

NellyDear Family and Friends in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

 Let me share with you a little bit of what God has been doing here in Cambodia. I’m so glad to be a part of it.

 I’m Nelly D. Alia, a Filipino who has finished training at the Teen Missions BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center in the Philippines. It’s my fifth year here serving the Lord under Teen Missions Cambodia (TMC) as a staff. Praise God, the longer I stay the easier it is to live in this foreign land since I have learned to adapt to their culture and to speak and understand their language.

me with the commissioning studentsOur first commissioning service for Bible school students was in January of this year. There were six BMW students who were commissioned. The second batch was last July and four of them were commissioned. Five of them are currently doing their internship under TMC. I had the privilege to teach them all every term since the beginning and even until now. This term I am teaching Church History to the eight BMW students. I was reminded of the testimony of Horn Saron how before studying BMW, she hated being a Christian and the name of Jesus. But now she is one of the intern students of TMC who also teaches at the BMW this term, and who serves God faithfully. It’s nice to see lives being transformed by the blood of Jesus as I continue to serve Him.

Bak Phaka villageThis year was quite busy for me in doing the ministry. Aside from teaching the BMW, I was also doing the Motorcycle Sunday School Missions (MSSM) ministry as a ’’Circuit Rider”. My partner in doing this ministry is Sreymom; she’s one of the BMW intern students. We are riding the motorbike to the six different villages from Wednesday to Sunday. The farthest village is about 66 kms (about 41 miles). Most of the students are children. We teach them English and Bible lessons. Each week we have a new Bible story to share with them. For most of them it is their first time to hear about Jesus. At least 40 children come each week depending on the season. Chomran is 9 years old. On one occasion he asked if he could see Jesus as the characters of the story being showed to them through the visual aids. Unfortunately it was not yet the time to show them the character of Jesus. But because he was faithful in attending the Sunday School, finally one day, the lesson was about “Jesus: God’s Wonderful Son” taken from Matthew 17:1-8.  There was a visual aid as a character for Jesus and when he saw it, he was happy. In his young mind, he already has knowledge of who Jesus is. The wondersinging action song, in Toap SiemfuChomran on red shirt, learned to respect God in prayerl thing is he accepted Jesus in his heart as his personal Lord and Savior. Chomran now knows how to respect God in prayer, and he is excited each week to listen to a new story from the Bible. Chomran is only one of those dozens of children who came to believe and accept Jesus after they heard many times by attending the Sunday School. It’s so nice to see the children singing songs to God, addressing God in prayer and giving Him an offering. Sreymom shared her testimony with the children about how she hated Christians and the name of Jesus before; but now she is telling them the way of salvation. It’s so encouraging to see the fruits of your labor. She also gave them my example on how I served God in this foreign land.

Prayer requests:

Please pray for the works here in Cambodia, that God would send more laborers into His harvest.

Pray for the protection as we travel by motorbike.

teaching EnglishPray that God would bless His Words that are planted in the hearts of the children.

Pray that there will be more souls saved through the MSSM ministry.

Pray for unity among the believers in this country.

   Thank you so much for supporting the Lord’s ministry here in Cambodia through your fervent prayers and financial support. May God’s abundant blessings be upon your life always.

In Christ,

Nelly D. Alia

Isaiah 26:8


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