Bauman, Adam & Amyann (Fall 2014)

BaumanSouls are being saved!                                                                                                      

Greetings Friends and Family,

10405319_10152211484423457_2926169368376197786_nGod has been so good to us and used Teen Missions to change many lives. At Boot Camp (the two week camp teens attend before they leave for the field) I shared a message about how we need to make every person around us our mission field. After the message the leaders got to counsel some of the preteens. I counseled two kids. They both said that they prayed the sinner’s prayer a while ago, but did not mean what they prayed. I told them that they should repent of their sins and accept Christ as Lord and Savior. I told them that they had to mean every word they prayed. They both asked God to come into their lives and after they prayed the two boys said that they believed they were born again that very moment. God gets all the glory for the work He has done!

Part of Teen Mission’s summer program is their children’s camp program called Peanut Camp. It’s a camp for kids ages 7-9 and it teaches the importance of sharing Christ with others. In the past these kids have gone home from the camp and have lead other people to Christ. During Peanut Camp the kids get to visit different places like fire stations, police stations, army bases and nursing homes. At these places the kids get to share about Christ with the people and often the people will make a decision for Christ for the first time in their lives. Proverbs 11:30 says, “He that winneth souls is wise.” Some of the greatest evangelists in the world are children and God uses kids all the time for His glory.  I was a leader on the Covered Wagon Peanut Team and enjoyed the opportunity to work one on one with a specific group of kids.  

Soul winning at the State Fair

10404141_1453193381611540_3021535225921708932_nIn the month of July my wife, my daughter, 13 preteens, 15 Bible school students and I loaded up in three vans and drove from Florida to Indiana. All of us went to different fairs in the tri-state area and simply shared the Gospel. You can’t go wrong when you are telling people about the love of Jesus. We shared Christ with thousands of people over the summer. The ministry we worked with, TTT Christian Youth Ministries, has been sharing at fairs for many years now. This summer over 150 people made decisions for Christ and many lives were changed. Not only were the people at the fairs blessed, but the junior high kids who went with us were impacted as well. They learned the importance of sharing their faith with every person they came in contact with. Another exciting thing happened when the whole team went to an amusement park. One of our preteens was at the lazy river and she started talking with someone. They had a conversation and the next thing she knew that person accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. The Lord is doing great things and using kids to share His message.13873_10152220569958457_4609928791520570567_n

Special Prayer Request

I mostly like to talk about positive things in a newsletter, but there is something that is very heavy on my heart. Amyann and I came in contact with many kids over the summer and most of them were dealing with divorced parents. My prayer request is that more and more married couples can stay together and that the kids can be raised in a household with both a mom and a dad who love each other. You could definitely tell that a lot of these kids were hurting. Amyann and I tried everything we could to reflect the love of Jesus and encourage them. It’s my desire for Christians all over the world to pray that the next generation of kids will see much less divorce by the people they call mom and dad.

Be a Part10641119_10203815588542488_297468724002177544_n

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. Our daughter, Mikayla, is nine months old now and is even starting to walk. We are in need of financial support and are looking for anyone who has the heart to partner with us in this ministry. Pray that we can be a witness to everyone we come in contact with and pray that the Lord will provide for us. You can also pray that God will guide us in our decision making. Your support is very much appreciated, and we have recently made an effort to pray for our supporters more. Thanks again and God bless.

In Christ,

Adam, Amyann & Mikayla


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