Petersen, Steve & Gay Newsletter (Fall 2014)

PetersenSGIMG_1678Dear Family and Friends,              


Gay once more served as the Peanut Boot Camp Coordinator this summer. The 7-9 year-olds learned how, even at their young age, they could serve the Lord. Afterwards, she taught the teen phonics classes (used for teaching English as a second language to younger kids). I again taught Advanced Evangelism, special well drilling training (2nd Boot Camp), ran sound in the Big Top and shared on some nights as an evening rally speaker. Some youth committed their lives to Christ, some returned to Him confessing their sin and others gave God their scars and bitterness from past abuse or family tragedy. We wish you could see first hand the dramatic changes we saw in the kids’ lives from start to finish. Truly an answer to YOUR PRAYERS!


Our all-girl drilling team to Malawi had a very special summer. We were covered by local news channel 13 at Boot Camp, and another Christian writer is submitting our story to some Christian periodicals for possible publication in the future. We travelled to Malawi with an ‘all girl’ team of 12, plus our family and Deborah, our backup leader and recent graduate from our BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center. We lodged (in tents) at the Heart of Faith Rescue Unit which is run by a Malawian staff couple, Anthony & Maggie Masantche. We were privileged to observe and participate in their powerful ministry to the orphans and others of the local Yao Muslim tribe. They hosted Bible studies for the adults and ran Sunday schools for the kids. They also taught phonics and served as the local first aid clinic for those in need. We walked to a neighboring village and shared the Gospel there. We witnessed several dozen of the kids and youth express a desire to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior at the conclusion of our program. Much time was spent at IMG_2158the local water pump each day. It was here that most of our outreach took place. We pumped water for the elderly, busy mothers and more. We played with the children, held the babies and lifted heavy buckets onto the mothers’ heads as they departed. The barriers we observed on many faces on our first day in the village quickly melted to genuine warmth and friendship. Many of the kids were soon volunteering to walk back with us and much smaller kids demanded to help carry our water with us. Very touching… and humbling. The drilling rig arrived at about mid-summer from our sister team in the north and after much needed repairs (another miracle story), the rig was ready to go. The incredible story of how God used our unlikely team of girls to boldly take the Gospel into the midst of over two million muslims of the Yao tribe is featured on the back cover of this newsletter. Our warm reception, success and safety were a direct result of your prayers and support. Thank you!


Gay’s brother, Ron, went home to be with the Lord on July 20, while we were in Malawi. He fought a valiant fight with brain cancer for the past year. It was a tough time for Gay being so far away, but we are comforted as her brother did know Christ as his Savior. Please lift up her sister-in-law, Rose, during this time of adjustment. On a brighter side, Ron & Rose’s daughter, Amy, is planning a wedding this fall. That will be a much needed time of joy for the family. Gay’s mother, Joy, has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months with fluid in her pleural area (lung cavity) and showing symptoms of congestive heart failure. Doctors have adjusted her medications and after completing therapy at the rehab center, she has returned to assisted living.


IMG_6101I am teaching basic computer (hardware, software, networking, web, IT) during a special session at the BMW and I continue office duties in promotions, IT and coordination with the Video Department. Gay was asked this fall to serve again in the Personnel Department during the afternoons, in addition to cooking for some of our retreats. She still homeschools the kids in the morning. Teen Missions has once more committed to four months as a national sponsor of the Winter Jam concert tour. I travelled with the tour two years ago and have been asked to serve again on the tour to promote Teen Missions for the month of January. Winter Jam is the largest concert tour in the USA with attendance over 240,000 in about 52 US cities.


I had a great time working with the girls and Dad. The drilling was a success. I’m happy that we were able to share the Gospel with our dramas and puppets to the kids that were around us every day. Next summer I wDSCN1403ill be 13 and will get to go on my first team as an official team member. Please pray that I will choose the right team for me. Thank you for your prayers and support.


This summer in Malawi I realized that lots of the orphans don’t have toys to play with and nice houses to sleep in like we do. But even without those things they are happy. We have so much and still often we are not grateful for it. I learned to be happy with what I have. Thank you for your prayers and support this summer.


• For safety and good health over thousands of miles

• For answered prayer in the completion of a clean water well with an abundant supply

• For the open door we saw to further ministry among the Yao people

• For the amazing growth we saw in our gals this summer and for their love & unity as a team

Prayer Items:

• For continued growth for each former team member as they adjust to life at home

• For Gay and her family as they adjust to Ron’s passing, handling Miss Joy’s health and for Amy as she prepares for her wedding

• For Gay as she homeschools Timothy (7th grade) and Faith (4th grade)

Together in His Harvest,

Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen

Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:22&20 / Gal. 2:20



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