Reilly, Mike & Rena Newsletter (Fall 2014)


Dear Friends and Family,

Rena giving clothes away copyWe are full steam ahead! Thanks for making that happen. These past few months are a bit hard to describe because even though we have had a lot of difficulties along the way it has been kind of fun. Again it is hard to describe. An example would be the situation with Rena’s mom, Rosie. Even though we spent a huge amount of time in and out of ER’s, hospitals and different nursing homes, it was a blessing spending time with family and friends between everything. It has been a very long time since we have had time or the funds to do that. I even got to visit Texas, hang out with Katie Rose and her husband, and catch up with Vine Fellowship who have been very faithful supporters of ours all these many years. (After all I did steal their children’s minister away from them. I am not sure if they have forgiven me yet as they keep bringing up the subject.) We have been wanting to go to Texas for so long, but never have had the funds. Some how it worked out this time. I even got to relax on the Byrum’s boat on Father’s Day. What a treat! One of the best Father’s Days I have ever had. Thank you everyone!

Now back at the base, we are starting new things because of the help we have. We have three young people from the US here for a year helping us out, plus with this batch of energetic Bible school students, we are moving mountains. We now have a Facebook page for Teen Missions Australia. We have also been working on two phone apps. One for those who sign up on a team this year so their parents and friends can get information about the country their teen is going to and updates about their teen. The second is for when the teen completes the summer; the phone app will have weekly devotionals, information on how to help their youth group, monthly reminders to do something that keeps them on track with what they learned, updates on what other team members are doing now and much more. The first app is called GO M.A.D. (GO Make A Difference) The second phone app and web page is called Don’t Leave Your Armor, Pouring New Camp Chapel slabafter a class that we teach during Debrief. The first one is already finished and we are starting the second one now.

We have finally started work on the new Camp Chapel. The foundation is poured along with the slab. It has been a long wait, but with this crew and other volunteers we now have it started. Funding is a bit tight and we will still have to take it slow, but at least it is started.

The other thing we started with our students is a Travel Team. They go out and help churches, youth groups, schools and camps. The goal is to get them to GO M.A.D. in their local area. The team has made three long trips to the southern part of the country and several local trips into the southern part of Queensland. They have held Bible studies at youth groups and schools, shared at the main church services, painted churches and worked at camp grounds. Many of the places they visited have asked for them to return because of the impact they had.

Rena is heading to Zambia again. By the time you get this she will be coming back home. Monitor your emails for updates. The team almost did not happen as we did not have anyone signed up. Then, for awhile only one signed up to go. But I shared at church what we are doing and a visitor to the church asked if she could go. Of course Rena said yes. Then that lady’s husband shared at a Bible study about what his wife was going to do and then another lady wanted to go. It has been a rush to get the last minute tickets, passports and paperwork done, but it worked. We have four of them going to help with the orphans in Zambia. Rena is so pumped up! She keeps giggling about all this.


One of the Sunday school LessonsHey everyone, Michael here! I have just returned from a six-month performing arts course with YWAM (Youth with a Mission). It was AWESOME! For the first three months I lived at the YWAM base in Sydney which is about a 12-hour drive from home. At the YWAM base we had classes in things like Bible reading, spiritual warfare, performing and many others. After that I went to Cape Town, South Africa with a team of six. While we were there we did lots of different programs. We went to primary and high schools, we ran holiday clubs and church services. We also did some painting, but our main outreach was going out in the poorer areas and just talking and praying for people. The people were so friendly and open; they were always wanting to talk. It’s been an amazing year and I want to thank everyone who prayed for me and gave me support. I couldn’t have done it without you! Please keep on praying for me as I look for a job and apply for my next courses. Again, thank you all so much for everything you’ve done for me. God bless!!!

In Christ,

The Reillys

Eph. 6:10-18


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