Asenek, Richard & Mercy Newsletter (Fall 2014)

IMG_1938Paul’s words to the Romans, ”And we know that all things work together for good, to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His Purpose.” Romans 8:28

Hello Fellow Ones,

We greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are here again to tell you about the goodness of God in our lives and ministry. A lot of good things are happening here in Cameroon that you need to know.

Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp ended August 15, 2014. We had a great time with 95 children who signed up from all over the nation to come and take part in sharing the Gospel of Christ on four teams to three different regions of Cameroon: South West Limbe, West Bafussam (French team), Northwest Fundong and Mamfe. As usual, after their 10 days of training, these teams went out for three weeks of evangelism. They came back safe and sound with great testimonies and lists of thousands of souls who were won for Christ. We give God the glory!

This year we were privileged to have a group of 22 teen missionaries from North America (the Foot Washing Team) in our Boot Camp. They assisted with the Boot Camp training classes by judging the Obstacle Course, teaching phonics, dramas, songs and games. They also helped in the African Boot Camp kitchen to prepare spices for the meals, prepare fufu corn, peel Irish potatoes and also took part in eating some of the meals. During the project time, they went out to the bush to our various Rescue Units where they washed, treated and put shoes on the orphans’ feet. This team was really a blessing to us. During Debrief, we were also privileged to graduate three students of the sixth batch of our BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center and commission five who will be carrying out a one-year internship in our four Rescue Units.IMG_1923

Base Work

We were privileged to have the International Director of Teen Missions, Dr. Robert M. Bland, at our base this year. It has been our long-time prayer topic. We thank God that it came to pass this July 2014. How wonderful it was! Concerning work around our base, we have the best harvest of corn in our school farm this year and our animals (goats) are doing well. Recently we tested pineapple cultivation on our property and found out it is worth investing in. Right now we are looking forward to preparing a portion of our farmland to plant about 2,000 pineapple suckers. We just finished building the chicken house and are looking forward to reinvesting in poultry farming. This time we are trying a more modern way to ensure more output.


This year our BMW will resume in January instead of September in order to match up with the other BMWs all over the world. We are hoping many new students will sign up to add to the three one-year students we have. The later part of this year we will be at the base by ourselves continuing work and attending to the Rescue Units and Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) in the various Units when the needs arise. Mercy will be busy taking care of our boys and performing various work around the base until January, 2015 when BMW resumes.

Orphan Rescue Units

Our four Units are doing a great job in transforming the lives of the orphans both spiritually and physically, not leaving out the entire communities. Every month, the facilitators organize a three-day camp to fellowship with the orphans. They teach them Bible lessons and take IMG_1964care of their physical needs, especially providing them with school books, school fees and uniforms. This year two of our Units were blessed with four sewing machines and two zigzag machines to help train the older orphans in a trade. Thank God for our International Director for these brilliant initiatives.

Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM)

The past two years this ministry has had a hard time surviving because each time people sign up to work in this ministry they end up surrendering. This has really slowed down the work. But we are grateful to God this year because one of our graduates signed up to go join the lone facilitator to boost up work in this ministry. Without God we know things would not be the same for MSSM in Cameroon. This year we were also blessed with two new motor bikes: one for MSSM and one for one of our units who really needed a means of transportation for getting food crops to the market. I just finished giving the two guys training on how to ride the bikes and preparing them to go in for a driving test in order to acquire their driving licenses.


Every Wednesday, we lead the students out for EV in the various quarters and villages around Bamenda. Through this a lot of people have come to know Christ and Teen Missions as a whole. On Sundays, we do organized Sunday schools where children come and study Bible lessons, phonics and moral lessons. On the last Saturday of the month, we invite our neighbors/villagers to see the projected Bible films in our chapel hall. After each show we use the opportunity to witness for Christ and through this a lot of lives have been transformed.

Family Life

Our family is doing greIMG_1940at. Thank God for good health, success and provision. Our four boys are all in school and doing well. The oldest, Thompson, will be completing his last year of primary education this year, while the youngest, Daniel, will be finishing his two year nursery schooling this year and then will move to primary school. Jesse and James are in primary school and are doing very well. We want to use this opportunity to thank all of our supporters, donors and coordinators for all their support to our family spiritually, physically, financially and materially. We pray God will continue to bless you forever and ever.

With Love and Prayers,

Richard and Mercy Asenek

Prayer requests:

• Pray for Divine wisdom and protection as we carry on the work in His vineyard.

• Pray for travelling mercies, especially with the bikes.

• Pray for our new Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) ministry.

• Pray for God’s protection and good health.

• Pray for continuous success in education for our boys.

• Pray for continuous financial blessing.

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