Buaya, Tia Newsletter (Fall 2014)

Untitled-6Beloved Family, Friends and Supporters,

Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim. In the light of His glory and grace.” One of my favorite songs encouraged and strengthened me to stand firm to God’s calling.

I thank God for this great opportunity to serve Him through Teen Missions. I have had a wonderful experience teaching Sunday schools with MSSM (Motorcycle Sunday School Mission) from Tuesday-Saturday. I’m blessed to teach phonics, Bible lessons, games, quizzing and memory verse. One of the things I’m bleUntitled-9ssed in learning is the Sotho language which helps me to communicate with these kids.

One time at Maboloko township we did an outreach with all students and some of the staff. We were there to share the Gospel and evangelize the people. The funny thing is that when I went to the school there to share the Word of God some of the kids called me “Chinese” even though I explained to them that I come from Indonesia (probably they don’t know where Indonesia is). When I introduced myself one of the teachers asked “Are you here from China?” and again I told them “I come from Indonesia.” When we left the school and did ministry in the afternoon, all the kids on the street called me “China”. I just smiled.

Untitled-10I also thank God for the opportunity to teach Bible study, do outreach and work with the Samaritan Ladies’ ministry. The amazing times with Samaritan Ladies is when we were teaching them to make jewelry, bake cakes, sew, make crafts by hand and to play the guitar. To be honest I have never talked and been so close to ladies of the street in my country because I’m scared due to their different social status. But here at Teen Missions South Africa we show the light of Christ and lead them to the right way. We love them and do a lot of laughing with them. This has taught me that Jesus Christ loves all of the people around the world and saves us from all our sins, no matter who we are. He doesn’t care what color, ethnicity, culture or class we come from. He made us all. We need Untitled-7His spiritual eyes. Many of the ladies are 30-45 years old and have kids 1-16 years old. My prayer is that they may know Him, love Him and grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

Another awesome time was when we helped with Mission Fest Kids in Pretoria on September, 5-6 2014. The kids had fun with the worship songs, Bible stories, games and movies. We were even able to share about our Indonesian culture. Some of them tried eating cooked fried noodle with chopsticks. They were very interested to learn how to use the chopsticks. We also wore our traditional costumes from Indonesia. Mine is from Nias Island and is called Baju Adat Nias (Baru Hada Nono Niha) and Shanty is from Java Island and hers is called Kebaya.

Please pray for my family back home at Nias Island-Indonesia, especially my mom who is a sinUntitled-8gle parent. Pray that the Lord will give her peace and joy and that she will have a strong faith in Christ Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers and participation and your support in my missionary service. May God bless you abundantly.

In His Grace,

Tia Buaya

Psalm 118:14

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