Fon, Vitalis & Elizabeth Newsletter (Fall 2014)

IMG_1936Hello our Friends and Families,

We send warm greetings to you all in the name of our good Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It has been a while since you have heard from us, but we thank God, for He has been our strength in everything that we do in His name.

My last newsletter was written while I was serving the Lord as a single missionary. So if there is one thing I should thank the Lord for, it is for giving me my heart’s desire and making me a complete man (Genesis 2:18). Since then I have found that things are going even better than before, and we have been serving the Lord happily. I am talking now about a family of three— I, Vitalis, my wife Elizabeth, whom I married December 24, 2011, and our wonderful boy whom God blessed us with on September 30, 2012, named Jireh, meaning “the Lord our provider” (Genesis 22:14).

We are thankful to the Lord for letting us serve Him in the ministry of Teen Missions where we have experienced so many different things happening around us which God continually granted us the power to overcome.

I coordinate the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center and also coordinate the AIDS Orphans and Street Children (AOSC) Rescue Units. We are presently running four of them in some remote areas of Cameroon, while my lovely wife Elizabeth takes care of Jireh and also assists the BMW students during work projects. She also has a burden for the Lord, so she attends some of the BMW classes and at times accompanies me to some Rescue Units.

IMG_1964We had a wonderful summer with a team of 22 American and Canadian youth led by the Mahers. They helped teach drama, music, puppets and also helped our national teams to navigate the Obstacle Course, while some assisted Elizabeth and Mercy with cooking during Boot Camp.

We had a camp of 97 team members and leaders. It was wonderful with so many interesting stories as a result. We had a total number of 2,447 people who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. During Boot Camp we also commissioned five Bible school students who will be going to do their internships. Three other students completed the three-year program; two of them are now staff, serving as facilitators at our Rescue Units.

One of the biggest things we are looking forward to now is preparing for school to start back up. We have so far visited two of our four Rescue Units, the TTT and Lynn Harnage units, and taken school supplies to them. We had a wonderful experience on the roads. When we got stuck in the mud we spent close to two hours until we were pushed out by a group of boys. We are still looking forward to going to the other two units: the Shiloh Christian Church and Yetti Hope Rescue Units. We keep on trusting God for travelling safety since the roads are so bad now.

We had a wonderful time with our base coordinators Papa Tom and Mama Linda since they stayed for a time after the U.S. team left. We thank God for this wonderful couple. We enjoy working with them, as they have always been a blessing to us.

IMG_1940One of the most interesting things this year at Boot Camp was having the Director of Teen Missions International, Dr. Robert M. Bland, visit Cameroon for the first time since the base was created in 2002. It was really wonderful having him here and for our team members to see him physically and even hear him share some of the happenings of Teen Missions around the world. He also announced the start of a French Bible school in Cameroon since English and French are spoken in Cameroon. So we look up to God trusting Him for this to happen possibly beginning in January 2015. We were blessed by Dr. Bland, as two of our Rescue Units benefitted from his visit. Lynn Harnage was blessed with one new motor bike and three new sewing machines, while Yetti Hope received two new sewing machines. This will really help us make school uniforms for our orphans.

Our base also now has a brand new motor bike. We trust God for more to happen. We do have six Motorcycle Sunday Schools running in six of the 19 villages of Ngie. One of our BMW graduates Peter joins Omungo Elvis running that ministry.

We just finished harvesting the maize in our BMW farm during Boot Camp, and also harvested close to 28 big pineapples from our school pineapple farm. Some of them went to the U.S. team and the rest were used to prepare drinks for our summer teams. Our rabbits and goats are doing well.

IMG_4585Thank you. We are so blessed by your prayers and encouragements.

Vitalis, Elizabeth and Jireh Fon

Prayer requests:

-More strength to serve the Lord

-The start of our French Bible school

-Elizabeth’s heart’s desire: a baby girl

-Wisdom and peace


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