Ministry in Honduras


Students Share the True Gospel

Saturday morning, August 23rd, the students had the opportunity to go to a school in Santa Cruz, where they g_MG_5962ave a presentation that shared the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. It was a family event, so there were school kids with parents and older siblings 
about 150 people altogether
. The students used puppets, a skit, and clowns, besides a message that was given addressing the issue of youth delinquency. Praise the Lord for that wonderful opportunity!
That same afternoon, the students went to the high school in San Isidro where they have been holding the ministry to the youth but after waiting for an hour, no one showed up. Feeling discouraged, they left and started walking towards the soccer field when they came across the mother of a girl who had come on a team last year. The mother began to tell how her daughter was starting to be rebellious and asked if the students would be willing to talk to her. So Mary took the girl aside and began talking to her about her testimony and the girl said yes it was true, that she had made poor friendships and they were causing her to have bad attitudes and to make these poor choices. So she asked for prayer, and after Mary prayed with her, she said that she wanted to change because she knew that God was not pleased with the way she was living. Praise the Lord! It may be just one person – but we rejoice for one soul who returns to the Lord!

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