Rescue Units in Cameroon are going well

Greetings from Bamenda, Cameroon, the nation if our father land.


We are so excited that all the distributions if school materials to all our four rescue units went well.

Telling The Truth had a total number of 114 orphans of both primary and college children who received books and there was still some left over books for those that weren’t around.

Vitalis traveled to Ngie where the same exercise took place at the Lynn Harnage Unit. Christopher and Rachael coordinated the sharing and at the end of it, 106 children benefited. Same of both college and primary schools.

So all together the units supported 422 orphan children to go to school this year.

The next unit was Shiloh Christian Church Unit where we had Ernest Awulimba and the two boys, Jarvis and Clifford who are on internship. We had 103 pupils that received school materials.

And finally, Vitalis traveled with Ernest Ajugo to Ndu where Elvis come up to Ndu to hand out stuff. So far, reports say he gave out books to 98 children and are still expecting 40 to come.

Thanks to our donors and we pray that God would continue blessing them, even some Muslim children received books at the Shiloh Unit. To God be the glory. We are looking forward to starting with school fees paying by next week. Thanks again.

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