South Africa Update from Lorraine


Lorraine Maxwell [email protected] +27726438541 PO Box 865 Pyramid, 0120 South Africa AFRICA

Daily Routine: 

6:15/7:00 Wake Up, eat breakfast, get ready for the day and devotions 

8:00 – Chapel 

8:30 to 12:30 – Work (mostly on MSSM stuff) 

Lorraine12:30 to 1:30 – Lunch Break 

1:30 to 6:00 Work and also go to MSSM for the afternoon 

6:00 to 9:30 Have dinner, hang out with Kgotso, etc.

Greetings from South Africa! November has been an amazing first month back! I’ve gone straight to work since I got here working on MSSM and other things. One of the first things I did was clean all the dirt out of what is to be my office. I even scrubbed the walls. Dirt and Africa seem to have a very special relationship. I’ve really enjoyed working with MSSM since I have been here. I spend a lot of time organizing things and planning for more training in January and looking at plans for the new circuit. We will be setting up two bunkhouses in a community where 4 circuit riders can live and they will hold 8 Sunday Schools during the week. Living in the community also means they can minister to people before and after SS. 

 MSSM Consists of: 

1.Phonics (teaching kids and adults how to read) 

2.Sunday School Lesson (Songs, Bible story, alter call, memory verse, offering) 

3.Memory Verse Quizzing (hiding God’s Word in their hearts) 

4.Teacher’s Training (equipping adults in the community to teach children)

Kgotso Playing Bible StoryOn Sunday I went with Kgotso to Hamaanskral where his church (Living Gospel) is planting a new church. We had a short service and then went door to door to hand out invitations to a tent conference they are having this week. I went with two other ladies and two men proposed to me! I guess it is better to walk with Kgotso, then people just ask him how he got a white girlfriend. Things are certainly a little different here. Overall I really enjoy being here. I waited a long time to be back and it’s definitely nice to finally be where I know God has called me to be. I hope my pictures can help tell the story of what I am doing. May God bless you! Because He lives, Lorraine 

Current Ministries Going on in South Africa

Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM)

-Bible Missionary and Work Training Center (BMW)

-Samaritan Ladies Outreach (ministries to prostitutes, helping them get off the streets)

-Walkabout (door to door EV to people in our neighbourhood)

-Strawberry Fields (ministry to people working in nearby fields)

MSSMSamaratin LadiesKgotsoLorraine (MSSM)-Sonsky (ministry to an Afrikaner community)

-Thursday Bible study

-Student Saturday Ministries (at local taverns, etc.)

-Annual Boot Camp

Prayer Requests:

-Please pray for Boot Camp. Leaders Seminar starts on Monday. Pray for the leaders and team members. For safety and protection and for God to work on their hearts.

-Please pray for safe travels. I travel off the base almost everyday. African roads aren’t always the safest so please pray for God’s protection for me.

-Please pray for Kgotso and I as we do ministry together and seek God together. (And for those who keep asking, no we’re not engaged but you’ll know when we are haha.) 

Lydia & LorraineMSSM PhonicsSamaratin Ladies Outreach




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