God Works in Amazing Ways

See How Teen Missions is Impacting Other Ministries

We just had a meeting of different ministries at our home and were pleased with the spirit of cooperation. Dr. Kim from Korea will be joining us to teach our students about first aid and basic medical methods as a result. He in turn met someone who will be helping him with a music ministry and we will be helping teach his medical students the Bible. Other good connections were made and it was a blessing that although many ministries were represented they all were interested and respectful of each others ministries. Our topic was how we can work together for the kingdom and 90% ofCambodia BC 2014 the ministries expressed appreciation to Teen Missions because they had received help in various forms. Some had received Boot Camp teams which made a difference in their ministry through practical work and evangelism. Others had received interns from our Bible school which had blessed them and allowed them to expand their ministry. [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]One independent missionary asked if their was someway that he might have a “satellite” school from BMW and train his church leaders/community members who cannot join a school full time because they need to support their families.[/pullquote] I told him to make a proposal with the details of what he would like to do and then I would show it to the leaders of TMI. All in all it was a very fruitful meeting and another is planned for December.

We have also started helping another ministry involved in rescuing young women from slavery. I cannot mention too much in a general report for security reasons but it is an excellent ministry and some of the ladies from TMI are offering them important assistance. The leaders of the ministry were also very eager that the young women consider joining the BMW training center when they finish their course with them. We were very eager for that also.


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