Stories From Boot Camp

 God Is at Work in the Lives of People

There were a lots of interesting things that I discover at the South Boot Camp. As we were doing registration a young man about 15 years old was there and he said he came with 10644181_10152329439332036_1355261662376259803_ohis wife on the team. So I asked where is his wife, and he said it was the young girl that just came in front of him. She is I think about 14 and I asked how long they have been married and he said since October last year. I was totally amazed, and I just told them that at Teen Missions, team girls and boys are separated so you will have to be with the other boys in your team and your wife will be with the other girls so they were ok with that. It is very rare to see a girl more than a 14 year old that has not been with a man. We have had quite a few BMW girls in their twenties only to discover later that they have had two or three children and no husband. I think it is really a darkness here in Vangaindrano and I really thank the Lord that we have Teen Missions here. The other thing I am discovering here also is that many of the people here belong to a church, but most of them are drunkards, adulterer, smokers, witch, and demon possessed. Marriage is nothing here. You can drop your wife any time you want and just sent her to her parents saying that it did not work well regardless of many kids they have got already.  Well, I am thinking that the kids are really facing a hard life after Teen Missions and very hard to stand in the teaching they got at Boot Camp. It is really sad to think about all this but I think we have to trust God to work in the lives of this young people and that it is our parts to sow the seeds and the Lord will sow the rest. [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]But at Boot Camp team members have given their lives to Jesus over and over again.[/pullquote] I think they do it with all their heart and this makes me believe that the Lord is looking at their heart and will guide them and empower them with the Holy Spirit.

I am thankful for the ministry of the MSSM also I think the Lord is working on the lives of those kids that are attending Sunday school. Please pray as we are working on restarting the other circuit, we have BMW graduates that are ready to do it after Andrew gives them training.

Testimonies from Boot Camp:

I used to be stubborn. I used to go stay with my family during the weekend, but when we go there there is a tree that is for cigarettes so we get that tree and me and cousin and brother and chew it and smoke. Our eyes become red and our family asked us why and we said that we washed our eyes with soup. I used to be lazy and didn’t do chores. I would say bad about my parents. I would never say that I was wrong. So I have lived in a lie. One day my mother told me that she struggled with me and that stuck me a little bit. Then my brother told me that I should go to Teen Mission because there is good training and they will teach you to preach the gospel so I came. When the camp started I did the Obstacle Course, and on the Ten Commandments number 5 (obey your parents). So I looked at myself and decided to follow God’s Law. Last Tuesday the preaching really touched me. I think it was my story that was told by the preacher. I pray to God that I will continue in the mind of righteousness. I am really ready to do good to my parents and do away with cigarettes.”

I was a stubborn and rebellious boy before and I came and I didn’t want to listen to any rules. I would always fight with my parents and beat up my brothers. My parents have told me that I am hard to have around and that hurt me to hear. Now I am at Boot Camp and I want to really follow Jesus and do what His word says I should do. I hope to go back home and do right to my parents and love my brothers and sisters. Thank you for this Boot Camp and for the goodness of the Lord


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  1. I’d like to leave a word of encouragement for each of you. What a BLESSING you are to a needy world! There are times, I’m certain, that you may not feel it, but the lives you touch are GREATLY impacted by your presence, your serving spirits, and your hearts! Just a few words of wisdom from a wise old sage from Bali:
    “Smile with your eyes. Smile with your face. Smile with your whole liver!”
    (It makes just to imagine it!)
    My prayers are with you all, and I would like to send a HUGE crate of love to Joshua Codding, my precious grandson, in whom I am well pleased!!!!! I love you, Josh!!!
    Grammy B

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