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All of the work here over the past two weeks has been in the coffee with few exceptions. The students have been weeding, cutting branches overhead (because coffee must have shade – but not too much), and picking coffee beans. We have been selling what we’ve been picking, but right now, it is just so that the few ripe berries there don’t go to waste. The major crop we are expecting should be around December. Other than the coffee, Chico’s father and brother have been making a new pen for the pig. Our female pig is due to have her babies any day, and since this is a first here, we needed to pour a cement slab, enclose it, and put a roof over it. She is now in her new home.

As for ministry, the students began their weekend ministries this past weekend (Sep. 13-14) because the previous weekend, we had not yet decided what they would be doing this term. HOWEVER, September 10th, being National Children’s Day that it is here in Honduras, our students had received requests from TWO different schools to help them! So, we made two groups, with Karina and Ramiro helping and even Daniel and Samuel joined to help out. Since the elementary schools here run one group of kids in the morning and another group in the afternoon, that meant each group would need to stay the entire day at each school. They did presentations with puppets, skits, choreography, clowns, and the Wordless Bag. One of the groups, after they left the school, walked past the park and noticed that there were a lot of kids around – so they decided to ask permission if they could do a presentation there. They said yes and, WOW, what an opportunity! [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]This group of students was able to present the gospel to hundreds of children and adults as they walked past the town park.[/pullquote]

Friday, Sep.12, our students were invited to an event held by the High School in San Isidro celebrating the values of the Honduran culture. We took advantage of the opportunity and the theme, to present a drama showing Honduras as a nation in desperate need of healing and Jesus Christ as the only one able to heal it.

On Saturday, Sep. 13, three groups of students, together with Ramiro and Karina, set out to three different locations to do ministry. Ramiro, Kevin and Mary went to San Isidro. Although their regular ministry will be with children, that ministry was not ready yet, so they went to the town’s central sport area and began to play ball. After playing for awhile, there were four youth who joined the game. When the game was over, they shared the gospel message and prayed with them. It was well received.

The second group, Eleazar, Karina, and Mariaelena, went to Casitas. It has been many years since we have done ministry in that community and it is in great need of a true Christian witness. There have been too many hypocritical pastors and “Christians” who have drug Christ’s name through the mud and, as a result, most of them don’t want anything to do with a “church”. The group that will be going there each week will be doing door-to-door evangelism.

The third group is made up of the three boys who are attending the GED classes in Santa Cruz: Jose, Gabriel, and Arnold. They are going to be working with a pastor there, holding small group meetings in homes where there is no church nearby. There were 11 people at their first meeting.

Finally, Sunday, Sep.14, we were invited to a church that was celebrating Children’s Day four days afterwards, and they wanted the students to give their presentation, which they did. They dressed as clowns, did skits, and through it all, shared the message of salvation. Praise the Lord for many, many children who heard the gospel this week, even though we didn’t count, we know there were hundreds.

September 15th was Independence Day here in Honduras, but for once in history, we did not go to any parades or do anything different at all that day. We had classes and work time as normal. We did have a nicely decorated cake for dessert!

Sunday, Sep. 14, Chico left to go to La Mosquitia – that is one of the areas we were considering for the MSSM. He met up with Faustino, the BMW graduate that we had talked of running the program there. Chico talked with one pastor who is in one of the bigger communities there. The pastor shared how great the need is for more workers because there are so many communities with no churches at all, and there is no one – no pastor, or even visiting leaders who go there. There is just one problem with the idea of MSSM – it is mostly swamp in that area! It would be more effective to make it CSSM. The C being for canoe. That is the mode of transportation most commonly used in the area.

Thank you for your prayers,

Francisco and Kathy Chicas


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