Outstanding Boot Camp Stories

Boot Camp in Ndola, Zambia 

We did a Leader Seminar program for the week of Dec 1 to Dec 12, 2014 and their were 50 leaders. We have 8 plus 4 in Solwezi teams. The leaders seminar went very well. We did the Ndola Boot Camp leaders and we did the Solwezi Boot Camp leaders. The Mansa leaders will be training in Mansa before the Boot Camp starts there. Leaders were assigned to their respective teams. Our goals for this upcoming week is to receive the team members and to begin Boot Camp. We are coming up into an election but Ndola is very quiet and peaceful.  For the week of Dec 7 to Dec 13, 2014 we began Boot Camp with 32 leaders, 155 team members, and 8 teams. The bringing in of teams went well. There were a couple of vehicle problems. They were fixable. The weather cooperated. For this Boot Camp we had 78 people who made a decision for Christ.  We are planning to prepare for Commissioning and to have a Graduation on Saturday. For the week of Dec 14 to Dec 20, 2014 Boot Camp training continues to go on well. We are now up to 88 people who made a decision for Christ this Boot Camp. For this upcoming week we will be buying food, checking out field equipment, and having teams departure for Commissioning. 

Outstanding Experiences, success stories
It was successful. There were a couple of people who came who we found out were really J W’s. They were put on teams as team members. They were later saved during the Boot Camp and one was saved on their team. All teams but one have former or current BMW‘s on them. Our BMW‘s are spread out between all three Boot Camps. We praise God for them and for some former grads who also helped lead this year.   The Boot Camp is full. We had orientation and the camp is in full swing. They are getting used to the push push of Boot Camp. They have already done some interesting cheers. They are enthusiastic and very responsive to the GospelTwo JW’s have received Jesus as their Savior during the preaching of the Word. We have many of our orphans who have come and some are now even leaders on teams.

IMG_0438_2Most kids have no Bibles as of yet. They were sent but have not arrived. It is sad to see that they are not able to turn to passages in the teaching and in the Rallies and especially in their quiet times in the mornings.

Graduation went very well on Sat. Many guests were present. Lenoard (Board Memeber) was our speaker and it was very good to have him partake in the service. Harry Kalima (our pioneer) and family were there to watch his brother Eliud graduate. [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Eluid was a backslidden brother and came back to the Lord and came to Boot Camp and then wanted to grow by coming to BMW[/pullquote]He has done very well. He continues with us and is very responsible. His parents came in from Fiwale and were so thankful for what the Lord has done in his life. There were many other families who were also very grateful to God for the changes in the lives of their loved one.

Sunday: The Bibles came in on Sunday and there was GREAT rejoicing in the Camp. I (Barb) wish the American teens could have seen how much joy a paperback Bible brought to the Zambian teens. We thank Jamie Bagge again for sending in enough Bibles for all. What a thrilling gift from God as He uses her in this way.

Prayer Request:

  • For a good turnout on registration day
  • For good weather
  • For no breakdowns on the vehicles.
  • Safety and protection
  • For fruit that remains!
  • That the Bibles would come in time for the team members and leaders to take them with them to the field.
  • Safety for all and working vehicles for departure to team sites
  • Good weather for travel
  • Spiritual growth and safety for all as they go to their projects

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