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Projects in South Africa

We had 12 leaders, 82 team members, and 4 teams for the week of Dec. 29, 2014 to Jan. 4, 2015. For our program we are doing projects this week. Jason, Lorraine, Lydia and Kgotso visited the Water Buffalo team on Tuesday as they were headed to Kwamlanga to visit a spot for MSSM. The team was working in the garden, cleaning and starting on the plastering project the second week. The Buffalo had two team members with deaths in the family. The saddest part of the deaths was Relena’s mom. Relena went to Alain, the head leader, and told him that she had a dream that her mom got out of the hospital. She was so happy that she was sure she was getting out. The truth was that night that she dreamt about her mom she actually passed away. I came the next day and was telling him that her mom passed and that her Pastor would be arriving on the weekend to inform her and take her home. He asked me when she passed so I told him. He almost had tears in his eyes when he told me that was the night she dreamt that she got out. He said she was released, but not the way she thought it would be.

Boot Campers of 2014Jason, Lorraine and Kgotso visited the Oriole team on Wednesday as it was close to another MSSM location they were visiting in Lebolthwane. When they arrived Papi was teaching an awesome Bible lesson and asking application questions. Because of communication problems between the pastors at Swartdom, they had a slow start to their project. So they were busy doing EV and had done 5 presentations and had 11 salvations. They had two boys who were fighting over a pair of trousers and Lucky ended up running away back home. As he was the pastor’s son, they counseled him and sent him back to the team. They were also invited to a CD launch of one of the church members to do their presentation. The member thought it would be great to have the team perform. The people loved the team as much as the launch of the CD.

Friday Jason, Tia and Shanty visited the Zebras in Madidi and Hyena team in GaRankuwa. Zebra had great team unity happening, reports done, 3 presentations done with 72 salvations and a good start on their project. They are building a toilet block for a preschool. They finished digging the hole and covered the pit and are now bricking the toilets. The Hyenas have built a gum pole and zinc structure even with rain everyday. They also had their reports done and 41 salvations.

Outstanding experiences, success stories

The Hyena team really came together as they worked through the hardship of completing their building in the pouring rain.

Very hotheaded team member, Lucky, left the Oriole Team because he was fighting and angry. The next day his family brought him back and he decided to work things out.

There was 124 decisions for Christ last week and 157 decisions for Christ this Boot Camp.
Our goal for this upcoming week is to get the last of the Debrief food—bread, fruit, veg and to transport all the teams back to the base on Wednesday for Debrief. We will finish Debrief with classes, funspiration and Bridging the Gap. Go Day is on Jan. 10.

Heavy storms and rain have eased up at the base with only an occasional rain shower. The afternoon temps are now heating up close to 100 degrees.

Prayer Request:

  • On Sunday, Dec. 28, a team member on the Orioles had an aunt die and he will be gone two days for the funeral on Jan. 2, 3
  • Then on Monday we got a call that the mom of a girl on the Buffalo team had died. Relena came to the leader that morning and said she had a dream that her mom got out of the hospital. We are not sure if she will come back to camp or not.
  • Then another aunt died of a member on the Buffalo team. We have never had this many deaths during camp. Please pray for comfort for the families involved.
  • Oriole and Zebra Teams were asking for prayer for homesickness as the kids are away from home over both Christmas and New Years.
  • That the teams would finish strong as most of their projects are done and they focus on evangelism

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  1. Greeting Beloved in Christ Jesus

    Its so good to finally be able to locate the website and read about the Boot Camp South Africa after such a long time. I am Nomusa Makume (Shange) from Durban, now 45 years. I started attending Boot Camp in 1984 (I was 14 yrs old) at Oribi George Port Shepstone, I think we were the first group from Suth Africa during the times of Gerrit and Rose. It was such an experience having to be away from home for the whole month more especially during Christmas and New Year. The experience laid a strong christian foundation for my family and myself, it taught me christian values, the importance of devotions, memorising verses which were embedded then till now and thank my God for that. I live by Galatians 2 verse 20, which reminds me everyday that its not me who is living but Christ, so my daily prayer is that God grant me wisdom to understand more of the things that will make me live a life that honours Him.

    I became a leader in my third year and had to attend Leadership training prior to Boot Camp. The training instilled those Leadership skills which have assisted me so much in my career. It taught me to serve with love, care and unconditioinally, always open to learning. I last attended the camp in 1988. We together with my Brother Phillip always said we should pay a visit, spend few days and plan for the future to come for the full camp.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


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