God Works Through and In Us

Greetings in the name of our Lord from Zimbabwe

Thank you for the support of the ministry here in Zimbabwe.
We are doing fine and the ministry is fruitful. At this point the teams are about to come back from their projects which are finishing tomorrow so Mutoko is going to be on an evening train tonight and should be arriving midday tomorrow and Gwanda can either travel also this evening back or tomorrow evening .

We had one of the busiest and full Boot Camps we’ve had in years, and we appreciate God taking care of the teams. So far we have seen a great change in most of the team members and this is a positive outcome and they are enjoying themselves. As of now they are delivered, saved and looking forward to Debrief and going home. Last night when we were going around the team members a girl said thanks to God and thanks to Teen Missions for such an opportunity, I was delivered and blessed. Now I realize even the gift that God has bestowed on me and it was a fulfillment of what God said when I was at home through our Bishop and you people made that 

DSCF9444prophetic word get fulfilled. Thank you. [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]A guy said “Thank you very much. I was not saved when I came, but now I was led to the Lord by my leaders.”[/pullquote] Another one said, “I realize that the Lord had a purpose for me to come. I was hesitant to come and encouraged by my fellow team members and here I am now delivered. My family is free and blessed. Sometimes you can walk around not knowing what you are carrying around until the Lord has mercy on you; this is a former satanist, the list goes on and on.

This Boot Camp almost all the kids had issues, (some were sent over by their parents) so some family members were phoning and asking us as leaders to help their kids. The sad part is that some of these when they go back home and they let what they have gained so far slip through their fingers since there is no longer someone pushing them. But we pray that their pastors will take over from where we left off. Some of the kids have had serious issues in their spiritual lives that needed more time, but we have helped with some of the other problems we encounter. Especially as parents we do not know what our kids eat, wear, and how they sleep. Some of them you assume they are sleeping when they aren’t and some of this causes a lot of road carnage and accidents and so on. The Job style of offering prayers for your children everyday is the only way out of raising children, so we are putting all of our team members in our daily prayer closet for a lot of these things. 

Debrief is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, then they go home. It was definitely a successful Boot Camp.
We are going out for MSSM and what I compiled above is from the MSSM team and today we are heading to our MSSM kids. We are going to their homes to see the parents on a door-to-door evangelistic type of ministry. If we find them ploughing we will also plough too and preach, then leave since today the sky is clearer and they are in the fields. The whole of last week it did not give us a chance of ministering; it was raining the whole time.
So Claimet and his team will be here tomorrow


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  1. Thank you for the work you are doing for Zimbabwe ministry,as a former BMW ZIM on behalf of the rest we apreciate the work you are doing,we wish to see the ministry spread across all coners of Zim

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