Aronson, Emery & Linda Newsletter (Winter 2015)


Greetings Friends and Family,

100_6305Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love all the things that go with it: lights, real trees, music, family get togethers and the faces of the grandkids when they see all the presents. But we know that the real reason for the season is Jesus. It is so sad to see so many people get caught up in the “things of Christmas” that they forget whose birthday it really is.

Our Christmas celebration began at Matthew’s house with Christmas Eve dinner. Then we spent the night and enjoyed seeing the kids’ faces as they saw the presents under the tree. We had a Christmas brunch and then headed home as the kids went down for their nap and we did, too.

100_6394We were able to get a good deal on ICE at the Gaylord Resort in Orlando. About 48 truck loads of ice is brought in from Ohio, Texas and Georgia. People come from China who are skilled at ice carvings. This year the theme was the “Nutcracker on Ice”. They make different scenes from the show. The part I like the best is at the very end where they have a life-size nativity scene and in the ads they mention that the nativity scene represents the greatest story ever told. One of the activities they have is a slide made from ice that you can slide down. Aiden went down, but got stuck so the workers had to help him down. Ava and Joseph tried racing down the slide, but it is a little hard because you kinda get stuck in the middle and have to shimmy down the rest of the way. You could go down as many times as you wanted and even if you get too cold you can go out for a quick warm up and then go back inside down the slide some more. Oh! If I have not said, the whole place is enclosed and the temperature is kept at 9 degrees. When we were done we went out and had a cup of hot chocolate to warm up, went through the gift shop and then walked around the resort looking at the Christmas decorations. On the way home we stopped at a Chick Fil A for supper and the kids had fun playing on the play area they have there.

IMG_1047We are looking forward to the upcoming summer. Once again I will be doing the Mustard Seeds. Ava is excited about coming for another year. This year the theme will be Cowboy Camp. Aiden will have to wait one more year before he can come, and I am hoping his dad will come with him.

We are having a very special event on the 2nd of May. It is called a Mud Run. We will also have an open house at the same time. I hope this will be a time when a lot more people will hear about Teen Missions. If you are in the area, it would be great if you could come and join us.

Emery is working outside, cleaning up the property and getting ready for Boot Camp. He is also inside some printing envelopes, cutting and folding pamphlets and brochures that have been printed. There is always something to keep us busy as we get closer to Boot Camp.

The Aronsons

852 Morningside Dr

Cocoa, FL 32922



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