Chimbila, Nelson & Maggie Newsletter (Winter 2015)

Chimbila Staff Newsletter

Greetings in Jesus name, our Lord and Savior!

I’m surprised that we are already in the year 2015. We have been in Uganda for three years now! 2014 was full of exciting events and stories as a family and we have seen the hand of God our lives.


2015 ChimbilaWe received overwhelming invitations to do ministry with different churches and organizations here in Uganda and also outside. People are mostly looking for a Teen Missions team to come and do a work project or evangelism. There are places here in Uganda which are still neglected after the war which took place, involving government soldiers and the Lord’s Resistance Army which is a rebel group. The churches in these areas need a lot of encouragement in terms of how to evangelize, leadership training, and youth ministry. We have continued to do school ministry with the schools in walking distance by using the Motorcycle Sunday School MIssions (MSSM) lessons and it has been good so far.

We have been invited by three different Kenyan pastors and another organization that deals with children’s ministry who are mostly looking forward to doing evangelism. We didn’t make any promises, but we are looking into it and waiting to get it cleared by the main office.

From Rwanda, we have been asked by a certain ministry to send an evangelism team to share the Gospel in the town before Kigali. We are thinking that we will be able to make it this year. As you know, Rwanda experienced genocide in April 1994 and many people died. I have been told that the current president of Rwanda Maj Gen Paul Kagame is a Christian and has opened up the country to be able to hear the Gospel. We are hoping to take advantage of that.

Uganda’s BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center has been doing well. The students are learning a lot and are excited and amazed about what the Lord is doing here and in their lives. They now have a program called Evangelism Through Soccer. Through this, they visit Untitled-2different schools and villages to play soccer and then after the match, they share the Gospel. So far, we have seen many lives come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


From Promise:   Hello dear friends and family! I would like to let you know that this year, 2015, I am going to be in the first grade/primary one. I will be attending Alpha Academy in Jinja, Uganda. I am enjoying Uganda with my parents who are missionaries from Zambia.

Untitled-3From Praise, our second born baby boy: Hello dear ones, my name is Praise Chimbila. This year I will be four years old and I will be going in middle class.


The Lord has been good to us. On 21st December 2014, we were blessed with a baby girl by the name of Precious Kateka Chimbila. She weighs 3.5 kg and is 18.9 cm long.  My wife had a long labor. We moved to three different hospitals while she was in labor. The first hospital we went to for her to deliver told us that the rooms were full. Then we were referred to another hospital where she was for some 2 ½ hours. The doctors kept on checking her and to our surprise the baby stopped moving and labor stopped for some hours. We were given a referral letter Untitled-4to go to the government hospital because the doctor thought the baby had died and they didn’t want to take risks. I packed her suitcase in the vehicle and immediately we left that hospital. It was coming to 11:00 in the morning and the contraction started again; this time they were constant.  After reaching the third clinic we were told to hire a doctor because she didn’t have a government anti-natal card. I talked to some people and they helped call the doctor who said the baby’s head was still up and that they would need to operate. But thank the Almighty God who loves us and answers our prayers. About the time they had her prepared to go for the operation the baby was born naturally. We thank God she had a normal delivery and both mother and baby were okay.

We thank you all for praying for the Chimbilas. May God bless you!  We keep praying that the Lord will bless you in Jesus’ name.

In Christ,

Nelson, Maggie, Promise, Praise and Precious


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