Buaya, Tia Newsletter (Winter 2015)

Untitled-6Tia Buaya’s News

Missionary in South Africa

Dear Family, Supporters and Friends,

December 7, 2014 here in Teen Missions South Africa (TMSA) we set up the new Big Top Tent that was used for class time and worship time for Boot Camp (BC).

PastedGraphic-5I can’t believe that I was able to be a part of BC at TMSA and that  I learned many things. Actually in November we started preparing everything.  We put up parts of the Obstacle Course like the Ten Plagues and the Ten Commandment, so we would be ready when BC time arrived. Praise the Lord we have around 89 members, 12 leaders and 7 volunteers.

The interesting time for me is, when I was as a kitchen volunteer. I learned how to cook the pap. Pap is one of the traditional African foods which PastedGraphic-2is from corn. So how do you cook the pap? The first step is to boil the water in a pot and then pour the pap little by little, stir until it is mixed well. For sure we use our muscles and then make sure you turn down the heat and then wait for one hour. The unique thing about pap is that we cannot keep it for leftovers because it will become hard and lumpy. It was a fun time and our kitchen crew were really hard workers. During Leader Seminar, BC and Debrief, I’m staying busy with helping in the kitchen as a volunteer. I have also been a part of the worship team and helped with music at the evening rallies during BC. I really enjoyed learning African songs and being a part of the worship team has been PastedGraphic-3such a blessing to me. The worship team is made up of: two Indonesians (Tia Buaya and Shanty Lette), American (Lydia Joy Frey) and four South Africans (Angie Masemola, Ntokozo Makhubela, Thabiso and Omphile). We really love praising the Lord, not only during BC rallies, but also during our practices. I have been learning so much from them. They have such a heart to worship with their beautiful voices. My ability has improved and God has already provided a way to serve Him with that talent both in the kitchen and on the worship team.

PastedGraphic-1Over the past two months, I have taken up the hobby of making a hat from lace. Finally I made a big purple hat. I had planned to teach the Samaritan Ladies. But now I pray that God may provide the funds to buy the lace. I use to make this hat from strong nylon, but it is not easy to find here in South Africa. So I found another way to make the hat from the lace.

PastedGraphic-4I thank God for the chance to see the BIG FIVE, my dream come true. On 12 January 2015. Mr. Jason Shrock took us on safari to Pilannesberg National Park.  The Australian Team, Joy, Shanty and I were able to go. Unbelievable… I saw elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, and wildebeests. God is so amazing.  He created the beautiful animals and the beautiful view of mountains and lakes. It was fabulous!

I am proud to serve the Lord, Almighty God who created the heaven and earth and all the people around the world. And I am precious in His hands. He loves me as I am and that’s why I love Him more than anything in my life. Thank you so much for your prayer and your support. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

Pray requests:

1. Pray for my family  back home—especially my Mom as she is having a problem with her eye. May God’s favor and mercy be on her and may she be healed by the blood of Jesus.

2. Pray for my ministry at TMSA. May God give me strength, wisdom and a humble heart. 

Tia Buaya

Psalm 126:5-6

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