Evans, Amanda Newsletter (Winter 2015)

Evans Staff Newsletter

Hey Friends & Family,

Happy 2015!! It’s yet again time to write another letter to tell you what has been happening and going to happen.

DSCN9986Before the Christmas break, we mailed out 85,000 brochures. We also mailed out the DVD’s to the team members and leaders who went on teams in 2014. My main job here at Teen Missions is to run the Mailroom. I am in charge of all the mail that goes out and comes in for Teen Missions. Before the brochure mailing, I ran all the labels on the brochure so that they would be ready for stuffing and sending out. I was also involved in transporting the brochures to the Post Office. This involved MANY trips into town.

DSCN9983During Christmas break, I was able to go home and visit my family. This was especially nice since I was in Canada during the holidays last year.

Since being back in the office, we are catching up with the paperwork and registering kids and leaders for the summer. My specific job is mailing out the packets to the leaders and team members who register. So far, we have over 480 registered for this summer!

I have also kept busy mailing out the end-of-the-year tax receipts, along with the monthly letters and financial statements that go out to the team members and leaders for this coming summer. In addition, the staff newsletters also go out this month.

DSCN9919This summer I have been asked to lead the first Forest Angels Preteen team. Last year, Teen Missions purchased several Coleman Mini Bikes. The team members will be trained in how to ride these bikes during Boot Camp. After Boot Camp, the team will travel to the Ocala National Forest where we will ride on some of the 125 miles of trails, sharing the Gospel with those we meet. I am looking forward to it because it is pretty close to where I used to live.

Come join us at Teen Missions International for our first annual “Orphan Mud Run” on May 2, 2015 — a 5K with 30 challenging obstacles going through lots of mud, swamp and water. This run will test each participant’s endurance, strength and fun scale. We also will have a junior / kids’ race (ages 9-12). It will be 2 miles with 10 obstacles. This day is set aside to raise awareness of the world wide ministries of Teen Missions and to raise funds for one of its partner ministries, AIDS Orphans and Street Children. If you don’t want to run the 5K, you can also get involved by volunteering or being a sponsor.

I want to take the time to thank you for all the support and prayers. I’m paying off bills (almost finished — PRAISE GOD!!). Please pray as to whether God would have you join my financial team so that I can be fully supported each month.

Amanda Evans


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