Powell, David & Becca Newsletter (Winter 2015)

Powell Staff Newsletter

Family Christmas
Family Christmas

Dear Friends and Family,

We greet you with thanksgiving and praise for the many blessings of this past year and for the blessings that we anticipate in 2015!  We face this new year with Expectation! God has never failed us and we are believing Him for all that He is able to do as we delight ourselves in the promises of His Word. We pray that each of you will join us in expectation as we look to the God that is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or imagine.

We had such a wonderful time with our friends and families in Colorado in November. It had been five years since we had spent Thanksgiving with our families, and it was such a treat to be together! By December 2nd we made the road trip back to Florida where we were able to join in the festivities with the staff of Teen Missions and participate in their Christmas party. Gabriela and Caleb were able to serve in the kitchen and help with the food preparation, a real treat for both of them!

Originally we had planned to return to Italy the beginning of December, but we were thankful to have changed our return date to January 12th. Before Christmas break and after meeting with the board of Teen Missions, some new developments came about that we see as a real blessing.

We have been given the “green light” to begin the development of the first Teen Missions Camp in Europe. We are making good progress towards our goal to raise up 1,000 partners to pray for this new work, but we still need about 400 more. We believe there is power in the unity of prayer, and we need your support to reach this goal. Please join us in praying for Teen Missions in Europe by contacting Teen Missions headquarters or replying to our e-mail.

Justin & Shannon
Justin & Shannon

Not only do we hope to have the summer camp up and running by July of this year, but we also have another staff couple that will be joining us to pioneer this new work. We are excited to have Justin and Shannon O’Hara partner with us in Italy. They were both Teen Missions Bible school students in 2009 when our family first joined staff in Florida. They spent their internship in Uganda, Africa for one year and since then, have developed a heart to work with Muslims from the Middle East. Thus our vision to work together to equip European youth to share their Christian faith and inspire compassion in them towards refugee immigrants.

We desire to continue our ministry with the Muslims in Greece and Italy, and possibly expand our outreach into Turkey as well. As the Lord opens the door, may we be ready to walk through it…in His timing and in His strength.

Caleb's New Brother
Caleb’s New Brother

Gabriela and Caleb have been enjoying connecting with old friends and making new friends. They are very active in the church youth group and are looking forward to an upcoming ski trip to North Carolina in February. Caleb’s first time skiing! They have been busy applying for jobs and choosing their classes to attend Eastern Florida State College as dual-enrollment students alongside their homeschool academics. Caleb has two years of high school remaining, but is able to graduate with an associates degree in 2017 if he chooses to remain in Florida and finish his schooling at the college.

Gabriela's New Sister
Gabriela’s New Sister

Gabriela is in her senior year of high school and is anticipating acceptance to Pensacola Christian College this fall. She desires to study nursing. After touring the college we discovered that one of her friends from Italy is also attending the college…what a wonderful surprise!

Upon reading this, we will be settled into a new home in Turin, Italy and Gabriela and Caleb will have been settled into a new home with our friends in Cocoa, Florida. Sarah remains in Jerusalem serving the Lord at Shevet Achim and continues to thrive in her gifts. We are so grateful for your prayers that bring us strength and peace as we make this transition and part our ways.

In His Blessing,

David and Becca Powell


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