McCracken, Samuel & Redika Newsletter (Winter 2015)

2014 2 McCrackenFor this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God.” Colossians 1:9-10

Dear Family, Friends, Supporters, and FTM’s,

CAMBODIA here we come!!! We are very excited to shortly be having a new adventure of service with Teen Missions in Cambodia. We are also looking forward to being reunited and serving with our dear friends, Matt and Heni Wylie, who spent nine years leading and greatly expanding the work in Malawi, Africa and who Redika spent three years serving with while she was there. Matt and Heni have been coordinating the

Engkaras MSSM kids

Engkaras MSSM kids

Cambodia base now for almost two years. We will be continuing to work with and help expand the Motorcycle Sunday School Missions (MSSM) program there and helping to improve the base. We plan to serve in Cambodia until Redika’s visa to the US is approved. For those who don’t know, MSSM is a ministry of Teen Missions that teaches English through phonics and the Bible to any kids and adults of any religion who wish to attend. A typical weekly Sunday School consists of: a Bible story, a memory verse, a quiz on the previous Bible story, an English through phonics lesson, Bible story coloring page, and a fun game. The MSSM program is very effective, very much needed, and is very popular because there is not much English being taught to the kids here in Indonesia because of the lack of availability of English teachers. There are many more Sunday Schools needed in Cambodia, so please pray for us as we and others try to fill this need.




We thoroughly enjoyed spending the holidays visiting, resting and relaxing with Redika’s family in Medan, Indonesia. We were also very blessed to take her mom on a long trip to visit her older brother and family in a different part of Medan. It was a great experience for me to be able to see the different beautiful areas here. We also went to see the site and mission of the first Christian missionary to Indonesia, Nomensen, who was a missionary from Germany, back in about the 1850’s. It was on top of a large mountain and the view of the valleys and towns below was breathtaking! It was great to have this wonderful time to recharge our batteries before embarking on our new adventure and ministry in Cambodia. Her family has some huge, beautiful rice fields and we had fun helping them harvest some of their crops like corn on the cob, chili peppers, purple sweet potatoes, and other yummy vegetables that we happily enjoyed eating! Redika also had fun baking delicious cakes for us and we enjoyed eating them!

Getting eaten by dragons in Kuching, Malaysia!

Getting eaten by dragons in Kuching, Malaysia!


Redika slipped and fell on a wet surface two times on the same day in late November (once bumping her head on the cement wall.) Her back pain had been getting better, but this made it worse for a while, as well as reopened her hemorrhoid that she had surgery on in Malawi, Africa. We had to wrap up our MSSM work in Borneo a little faster than planned so we could quickly get her to our good doctor in Kuching, Malaysia. He said that her hemorrhoid would heal with medicine and her back would as well if we took good care of it. We spent some time with our dear friends in Kuching while she rested and got well. We then flew from there to Medan for the holidays. I have had pretty good health other than becoming dehydrated a few times and a brief stomach bug.  Redika’s overall health has been good except for some ongoing back pain.


GREAT NEWS! We recently found out and are rejoicing that THE FIRST LONG PART OF REDIKA’S VISA TO THE US HAS BEEN APPROVED! Based on normal processing times, Lord willing, it could be approved sometime in April or May 2015. Lord willing, we hope to be in Florida for the 2015 Boot Camp. There are a few more shorter steps in this process like the US National Benefits Center reviewing it, our immigration interview in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Indonesia approving it. Please keep praying for this process because your prayers are needed and they are working!

Our Borneo circuit riders Riko, Faa, and Stevi (Waris not pictured)

Our Borneo circuit riders Riko, Faa, and Stevi (Waris not pictured)

The Future

We plan to be serving with TMI in Cambodia until Redika’s visa is approved and then serve with TMI in Florida for a while. After that, we plan to continue serving with TMI wherever they need us most and wherever God directs us to go!

Prayer and Finances

We appreciate very much all those who faithfully pray for us. It is very important that we have a team of people who regularly lift us up in prayer, as the enemy would love to somehow knock us out of ministry or have us become ineffective. If you have been praying for us or would like to, please email us or Facebook us and let us know, as well as giving us some of your

Our MSSM kids love colouring!

Our MSSM kids love colouring!

prayer requests so we can bless you in that way too. We are so thankful for the sacrifice of those who have been supporting us monthly. God has been providing for our normal monthly expenses and we are very grateful for a few new monthly supporters. However our monthly support is still not where it should be and currently does not allow for much savings and extra expenses—-. We are grateful and appreciate any funds that God directs to us and try to use it wisely to the best of our abilities. We are very grateful to those who have sent in some extra one time gifts that will help us with some of our large upcoming extra expenses like the one time immigration fee ($1,000), our trip to Jakarta for our immigration interview ($600) and her mandatory medical check-up ($300), and our plane tickets to the US ($1,800). We have a portion of these expenses, but are still trusting God to provide the difference of about $2,800 by April.

We pray and trust that you are all being blessed and strengthened in the Lord as you continually seek Him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength knowing that our time is short and our Lord’s fields of souls are ripe for harvesting.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

We greatly appreciate notes of encouragement, emails, and FB messages as it helps keep us encouraged!


-For quick, smooth approval of Redika’s visa to the US

-For continued good health and healing of Redika’s back

-That God will help us to always be effective good examples of Him

-For favor with Cambodian village chiefs in expanding MSSM there

-That God will continue providing the $2,800 needed for upcoming extra expenses


-For mostly good health

-For God’s faithful provision for our needs

-For dear friends who love and care about us

-For effective ministry and favor from the village chiefs in Indonesia

Our new field address in Cambodia is:

Samuel and Redika McCracken

Teen Missions Int’l in Cambodia

P.O.Box 93083 G.P.O. Siem Reap, Angkor

Kingdom of Cambodia


Samuel McCraken

Redika McCracken

[email protected]

Sinners hiding in Jesus and anticipating His return,

Samuel and Redika McCracken

Eph 3:20


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