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Dear Family and Friends,

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Many Thanks to all of our awesome volunteers who helped in our 1st 14 concerts across the USA!

Praise the Lord for many changed lives over the past few months. I (Steve) went ‘on the road’ with the Winter Jam tour for the month of January. During devotions on the day I was to leave from Nashville on the bus, I’d asked the Lord for an opportunity to share the Gospel and then went about my day, not remembering my prayer. In the evening, I stopped to get some supper at a fast food restaurant and the cashier greeted me with, “Tell me some good news, and I’m not talking about ‘happy new year’ or something like that”. Wow, so I told Him the BEST news about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross to wash away our sins and make us new. He said, “Well, that is good news. As I ate, he went on break and was eating next to me. I was able to share a Gospel of John and DVD I had in the truck. Thank you Lord for the opportunity and to all of you… watch out what you pray for!

Winter Jam

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Newsong at Winter Jam in Kansas City, MO. Visit for a concert near you and help us out in February and March!

This is Teen Missions’ third year as a sponsor on the tour (we did not participate last year). I’ve been blessed to meet hundreds, if not thousands, of people. God is stirring many hearts about the Great Commission and evangelism. It is exciting to be able to share about opportunities to get involved for all ages, long term or short term. It’s like scattering seed and praying the Lord will speak to those He has prepared. More pictures can be found at I’m looking forward to returning home at the end of January. Please pray for Shonn Foy (Feb) and Ryan Fast (March) as they continue the work on tour.

Winter Boot Camps Worldwide

We praise the Lord for the 11 Boot Camps running around the world during the past few months in Zambia (3), Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda (2), Tanzania, India (Manipur), Honduras and Australia. There is not room here to report on all God has done but here is a recent testimony on the three Boot Camps in Zambia:

Of course this is the time of year we run most of our Boot Camps. The Boot Camps in Ndola and Mansa are completed and the Solwezi Boot Camp is in Debrief. Here at Ndola we had 8 teams. What is unique about these teams is that seven of the teams were fully supported by the fees we charged. We had quizzers come from our MSSM ministries at Dola Hill, Kasongo, and George compound and these (what amounted to a team of 24) were supported from funds sent from the states. Most of the support comes from various ministries that cater to orphans and send their orphans to Boot Camp. Thomas Kabwata coordinated this Boot Camp and reported that he had a total of 189 team members and leaders on the 8 teams. He stated that there were a total of 525 people that made decisions for Christ either at the camp or from evangelism outreach while on the teams. He said 188 “bridged the gap” at Debrief. There were team members who came to Boot Camp that were Jehovah’s Witness and accepted Jesus as their savior. This was a highlight as that is a stronghold in many of our areas in the bush. We had very positive responses from the hosts of the teams during the project time. They were impressed with the changes  they saw in team members and with the work that was done on the field. They want teams next year and vowed to send more of their kids to camp next year. These are very positive signs for us.

Oscar Chama coordinated the Boot Camp at Mansa and reported he had 81 team members (all MSSM quizzers) and leaders on four teams. He also is coordinating the Boot Camp in Solwezi where he has 97 team members (again all MSSM quizzers) and leaders on four teams.  He is there now finishing up. He has been going back and forth and has had much help from Derrick the facilitator at Mansa and Richard the facilitator at Solwezi. That is a great encouragement to get this help. I have not gotten the final reports from him but his verbal report has always been good. He really has appreciated having a new (to him) truck to use this year. No breaks downs to frustrate the work.

The last Boot Camp we run in Zambia will be in the Lufwanyama district with again four teams. These will also be MSSM team members. It will run from April 11 to May 9, 2015.

We thank you so much for your support of these Boot Camps. It is such a privilege for us to be involved in them. I wish you all could have this blessed experience as well as we. These of course are the foundation of all the ministry here in Zambia. There has been interest in reopening the Congo Boot Camp. We regularly get visitors from Congo who are asking when we will run again. Kunda Musentekwa has also asked and is willing to coordinate it if we do. It might be time to run that Boot Camp again. It runs in June.

Happening this Winter / Spring

Teen Missions is working hard to prepare for our first ever 5K Mud Run to benefit our work with AIDS Orphans. Modifications are being made on our Boot Camp property. You can follow our progress, read more information, and register to participate at  If you call Teen Missions in the afternoon you most likely will speak to Gay, as she is serving as receptionist at our headquarters. She continues to homeschool Timothy (7th grade) and Faith (4th grade) and to oversee her mom’s care (Miss Joy is in assisted living, but Gay still takes her to doctor appointments and manages her insurance / dr.bills, etc.). Gay is also preparing for the upcoming Peanut Boot Camp and is on a rotation to cook weekends for visitors at our conference and retreat center. Steve continues to serve in the Computer & Video Departments in addition to his duties in Promotions. In the Spring, Teen Missions will again plan to deploy two of the life-sized Tabernacle replicas for the summer in addition to the model already set up at our headquarters in Florida.

The best welcome home ever!

The best welcome home ever!

Timothy & Faith

Timothy is now completing his first season on the JV Merritt Island Cougar basketball team. Faith is taking piano lessons and continues to love playing with her dolls. She also enjoys climbing trees and playing with her friends outside. Please join us in prayer for Timothy as he is registered for his FIRST team as a teen team member on the Haiti team. Wow, it is hard for Mom and Dad to let him go out ‘on his own’, but he is with great leaders and is in God’s hands. Faith plans to serve the Lord with us as we are currently assigned to return to Malawi, Africa on our second Well Drilling team! If you would like to partner with us in sending Timothy and Faith, please see the coupons below.


• For safety and thousands of new contacts while on the road with Winter Jam

• For another container loaded and headed to Africa!

• For all of the hundreds of changed lives in the winter Boot Camps around the world

Prayer Items:

• For continued blessing and divine appointments for Shonn Foy and Ryan Fast as they continue on the road sharing about TMI on the Winter Jam tour

• For our spiritual growth and quality time as a family

• For Gay as she homeschools Timothy (7th grade) and Faith (4th grade)

• For Grandma Joy’s health (dealing with congestive heart failure)

Together in His Harvest,

Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen

Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:22&20 / Gal. 2:20



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