Spindler, David & Stephanie Newsletter (Winter 2015)

Spindler Staff Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,

As we enter this new year, it’s nice to reflect on all the Lord has done in our lives over the past year. God has been so good to us – allowing us to continue serving Him, providing faithfulness in prayer and generosity among our family, friends and former team members. He has blessed us with good health, and considering David is nearly 70 and I am 61 1/2, that is nothing to take for granted. While we have not had time with all of our children and grandchildren over the past year, we have had a little time with most of them, and we’re thankful for the time we do have. They are scattered in five different states now, so including everyone in a trip is nearly impossible.

IMG_1602Christmas was spent with our daughter, Iva, her daughter, Alisha, and Alisha’s son, Canten. Canten is an amazing little boy of four who loves cars and trucks, cats and being silly. Alisha is 22 and works in a dental office. We left Colorado on December 26, and on Sunday, December 27, Alisha’s boyfriend proposed to her – and she said yes! We had a very small part in the event in that I was able to make a large bow that he needed. After asking both her parents for permission, he planned and executed the proposal – he made a furniture quality cabinet, lined it with pictures from their dating time (a year or so now), put a stool inside with a white cloth and on top of the stool was the ring box. The bow I made was on the front of it and he had it delivered and positioned outside the restaurant where he took her to dinner. He had a friend video the entire thing, and Iva also got to hide with the videographer so she could witness the proposal. It all went off very well. Not sure when they are planning to marry, but looking forward to that event.

IMG_1532On our way from Saskatchewan to our daughter’s home in Colorado, our GPS route took us directly through the small town of Roundup, Montana, where my mother moved last September. Since we were right there, we stopped off for a short visit with her. I had not seen my mother since the summer before her 75th birthday (which David was unable to attend) and David had not seen her since September, 2001, when we were with her and my dad for their 50th anniversary. It had to be a short visit since we didn’t specifically plan for a stop – we didn’t know that the GPS would take us through her town. In addition, my mother is a smoker and I am quite allergic to tobacco smoke, so we only stayed about 15-20 minutes, then had to get on the road – and get me out of the smoky environment. It was nice to see her. My mother turned 83 in early December, and all things considered, she’s doing well, still living independently. My ex-sister-in-law, who lives in the same town, holds medical power of attorney, and looks in on her regularly and sees that she gets where she needs to go and all that.

Our daughter, Olga, and her husband, Jason, welcomed their second son (our 8th grandchild, 7th living), Sergey Nathaniel Goodall, on November 10, 2014 at 12:12 am. He weighed 7 lbs 9 oz (a little less than his older brother, Andrey), and is already growing like a weed! He, too, had to be delivered by c-section, seems her babies just don’t want to cooperate with regular delivery. Everyone is doing well. Andrey really loves his little brother and is adjusting. Andrey is now three and is really taking to potty training finally, which is a huge relief and blessing for his mommy. All our other children and grandchildren are doing well and keeping pretty busy. Heather’s children, Brice (15) and Tayler (13) are both cross country runners and on swim team in additon to school. Jenni’s son, Shad (14) switched his musical instrument this school year – he was playing baritone, but is now playing violin and bassoon. Talon (12), is doing well in school, as are all the others.

As sometimes happens with Teen Missions staff, our summer plans have already changed once. We had been asked to lead the China English Camp team. We were really looking forward to it, but recently learned that the host missionary, due to health issues, won’t be there when the team would, so the camp did not want us without the missionary being present. Since that team had to be cancelled, we have been asked to lead the team going to Switzerland. We are excited about this opportunity, and it presents a unique opportunity for me (Stephanie), in particular. My cousin’s husband is in the U.S. Diplomatic Service and based in Geneva. Our team will fly into Geneva, and we’ll only be a little drive away, so I hope my cousin can visit us while we’re there. I haven’t seen my cousin since 1971, so just the possibility is very exciting for me.

Dental needs have arisen for us. David recently pulled off a crown, and also has a tooth broken off at the gum line which is causing him some pain. It has been quite some time since either of us have seen a dentist and we don’t have any dental insurance (it wouldn’t work in Canada even if we did have it). I’m hoping I can get David into the dental school clinic at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, and that we can afford to do what he needs done. Please keep this in prayer with us.

We want to thank you for taking time to read our newsletter and keep us in prayer. To those who give so generously so we can continue on serving the Lord through Teen Missions, thank you and may the Lord bless you as generously as you bless us. It is our blessing and privilege to represent you in serving the Lord. We pray God blesses each of you abundantly.

Together in His Service,

David & Stephanie Spindler


• Safe travel over the Christmas holiday

• Continued good  health for both of us

• Friends and family who lovingly pray for us and give generously so we can continue serving


• Daily spiritual growth

• God’s wisdom and guidance in our ministry responsibilities

• God’s provision for our dental needs

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