Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Winter 2015)

Shrock Staff Newsletter

Greetings to all our friends and family!

Jolie making Magwinya fried bread

Jolie making Magwinya fried bread

Because of Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28    Many people ask us how we do what we do. And sometimes we ask ourselves that too! But we know that the Lord is our source, our strength and our guide for every day and every decision to be made. He never lets us down and never ceases to amaze us as the ministry in South Africa continues to grow and blossom.

October was a good time for us to show the JESUS Film at our Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) locations. We were able to share the message and love of Christ to not only the kids we work with, but some of the parents who came as well. Satan worked hard at trying to destroy the message, but we were able to keep going. At one of our locations the generator burnt up, and we had to locate someone with electricity so that I could run a cord to finish. Another location we found someone with electricity, but the rain was loud and made it difficult to hear. The last disruption was an outside showing and a storm came up and the kids took off running for cover. We had to hurriedly take all the equipment down so it didn’t get wet. It was a difficult time, but we didn’t let it get us down as we knew that we were doing good to have so many attacks against us.

A cobra in the Boot Camp packout room was a scary thing for our students. We use a room where we put all of our supplies that each team will need when they go out to do their projects. When the students went in the room to start filling it with the supplies a nice surprise rose and spread its hood. They immediately went out screaming and then promptly went to get a shovel to dispose of the threat before I could get there. I don’t like killing the snakes, but Africans are so scared of them that if one comes around it is gone before I can take action.

Lydia and Lorraine helping to teach the Samaritan Ladies make Christmas cards

Lydia and Lorraine helping to teach the Samaritan Ladies make Christmas cards

Several of the Samaritan ladies were arrested this last quarter. Some of the ladies we meet are in country illegally and so the police rounded them up to deport them. They were a little scared about what will happen and they called Mama K (aka Karen) to help. They were in the police truck being taken as we got the call. Karen tried to assist, but the immigration officer was upset that we were trying to help them. We told him that our involvement was to assist them in getting their paperwork to become legal, not to hide them from the authorities. We have even taken them to the Home Affairs officials at the clinic to assist. We prayed and passed on to several of you to join us. Praise the Lord they were let out of the truck on the way to the deportation site and two weeks later they had their paperwork to stay in South Africa! God really answered your prayers. Probably the biggest answer to these prayers happened weeks later. Karen took our lady staff to a women’s retreat at Hillsong Church Pretoria. While there they ran into several of the Samaritan ladies at the conference. Another ministry met them and sponsored them to attend. The ladies chatted with Mama K and during the altar call several went forward to receive Christ. Isn’t God awesome!?!

November brought two new ladies to come on staff with us. Lorraine Maxwell is from Canada and was a volunteer here just about a year ago. She fell in love with South Africa (and actually one of our students) and has come back to run our MSSM program. She is now engaged so she will be reporting a wedding in our next letter. Lydia Frey is a student intern from the Teen Missions base in Florida and came about a week before we started our Boot Camp. She is great and jumped right in and started working. She was our Miss Piggy who inspects how clean the teams keep

BMW Graduates and Commissioning Students for 2014

BMW Graduates and Commissioning Students for 2014

things. And she also learned to cook South African style. She has a huge heart for the Samaritan Ladies and will be with us throughout this year.

November was a trying month with BMW students who were now almost finished with their studies. There was real “senioritis” and we had to work hard to keep them on task. Several are now dating and they were somewhat distracted. Thankfully they were all able to finish and in December we had five students graduate and five others commission to begin their internships serving the Lord.

Jenn with her baby bump!

Jenn with her baby bump!

Karen had a wonderful birthday surprise this year. While out with our daughter and son-in-law they presented Karen with a beautiful purse. BUT, when she opened her purse she found the real present inside. There was a wonderful picture of their ultrasound and announcement that baby HannaLea Nobizo (means “one called by God”) Ndlovu is due to be born in May. She nearly screamed right there in the restaurant. We were also blessed to be able to attend our son-in-law’s, Symps, ordination. He has been working as a zone pastor, but they finally had the official recognition at the church. We are so proud of what he is doing and his desire to serve God.

December means BOOT CAMP in South Africa. We trained 12 leaders, 82 teens and sent four teams out to different villages. One team helped to build a church. The second was in charge of making a garden for the poor and

South Africa Boot Camp 2014

South Africa Boot Camp 2014

needy. The third team built a toilet block with 20 seats at a preschool. And the last team compacted the dirt of the floor in a large church building so that they can begin to pour the concrete. They were such a blessing to the villages that they went to. The evangelism outreach from the Orioles singing, Hyena clowning, Zebras VBS, and Water Buffalos sports brought 288 salvations. The cherry on the top was on the last day of camp when 31 kids dedicated their lives to serving the Lord full time. This is always Karen and my favorite time of year to see how God raises up and uses the youth of South Africa to minister here. I have had several this year that are so in love with the camp ask if we can have one in June as well.

Australian team doing MSSM with some of our local children.

Australian team doing MSSM with some of our local children.

We were blessed to have a group of teens from Australia arrive the day after Christmas to build a fence on the property that will hold the Tabernacle and future site of the Vocational Training Center. They were an amazing blessing and were not only able to finish the back side of the property, but put up a fence on the front roadway as well. They were very hard workers and a unified group. I never saw an argument or problem amongst them. We blessed them with a national meal including pap, chicken necks and magwinya (fried bread) and I took them on a safari to Pilannesberg National Park.

Bus update: We are thankful to all who have made special donations to this. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Of the $30,000 that we needed to raise we are now down to around $12,000 to be able to purchase this. I was blessed this year to be able to find people who gave us a great deal on the bus rentals for our camp, but we still struggle throughout the year. If you would like to contribute please send your donation to Teen Missions International, 885 East Hall Rd. Merritt Island Florida 32953-8418 and mark it as Bus donation South Africa.

If it weren’t for the faithfulness of you, our friends and family, it would be much more difficult to continue doing what we do. We are always encouraged to hear from you and see what God is doing in your lives as well. God is the reason we are walking this amazing journey, but He chose you all to be our strength. Your prayers, support and encouragement uplift us and are passed on to those around us that we work with. THANKS!!!


We will again be grandparents in May

Our Samaritan ladies were able to get asylum paperwork to stay in country

An awesome Boot Camp time with 288 salvations


Our work permit expires soon and we need South Africa to renew it without hassles

Provision for Joy to get braces. We need an additional $100 per month to pay for orthodontics

We have all new students starting this term. Pray the Lord will raise up many new students

Provision of a new minibus to transport Samaritan ladies, students, Boot Camp teams and area needy

Jenn to continue to have a healthy pregnancy and protection for little HannaLea

Jason, Karen, Jolie & Joy

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God!”

PO Box 865,

Pyramid, SOUTH AFRICA 0120

Cell: 027 079 393 0492

Email: [email protected]


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