Smith, Loretta Newsletter (Winter 2015)

SmithL Staff NewsletterWonder where 2014 went?  Well, it just flew by, didn’t it?  Now it’s gone and here we are in the year 2015. It doesn’t seem possible.

P1010859For many of us last year was full of activities, some trials, some fun things, some new things in our lives, but best of all we’re all mostly here. Yes, there have been some who have made the transition from their earthly homes to their heavenly homes and sometimes I feel jealous for their move, because they now have peace and heavenly joy. We pray for the families left behind that the Lord will put peace in their hearts.

These last couple of months moved fast for me. I traveled to Ft.Hood,Texas to share a Thanksgiving meal with my grandson PFC Ryan Dority and his wife Alexandra, and the two kids (dogs). That was special P1010885as I haven’t had a Thanksgiving with my grandkids for years. Then I flew off to California to meet with some of you. I connected with three churches where I was given time to share my work with Teen Missions and what God has been doing in my life. Other churches I just dropped in to say “Hi”. I got to visit with more of my grandchildren and their parents…so blessed that all my babies have homes to live in. After doing ministry with the homeless shelter last summer I can really say we are blessed—no matter the hardships, He is faithful. The weather in California was cold, foggy and at the end wet. Now that was a needed blessing from the Lord.

P1010899I arrived back at the base on Dec. 17th, worked two days, then the Teen Missions offices were closed for two weeks for the holidays. During this time I was able to deep clean my trailer, clean my yard and start some vegetable plants, and of course celebrate Mom’s birthday on December 25th…92 and she couldn’t believe her age. She looks great, feels great, but has lost lots of weight so we decided to put her on hospice care. Thank-you to all who are praying for her. She says she’s ready to go meet her Lord.

That should get us up to date. Now what’s in store for your missionary in 2015? Well, it is planned for me to work the Florida Tabernacle till May. Right now I’m out promoting the Tabernacle—going to assisted living facilities, schools, churches, and putting flyers in RV parks, hotels, just wherever I can. In May I will move to one of the other Tabernacles, wherever that might be. There’s talk of Atlanta, Ga., Nashville, Tn., or Aurora, by Chicago. We’ll see later. After the summer tour is over in October, it is suggested that I go to Malawi, Africa and work with the AIDS Orphans Rescue Units in that country, helping the children with their gardening and sharing Jesus with them. Sounds good to me!

P1010890Here is a message I received at Christmas, and feel this is important for us as our world is reeling out of control.  

JESUS THE FAITHFUL ONE! The confidence we have, the trust we hold, the hope we carry, rest in His faithfulness. Every promise He has made He purposes to fulfill. He has the authority to accomplish all He has spoken. His power is limitless…His character changeless…His love endless.”  Wow what a GOD we serve. Encourage one another to get into His Word.

Thank you all for your prayers, financial support and all those beautiful Christmas cards. I loved and cherished each one, as I kept them till Christmas morning under my tree, then opened each of them as one would a present. It was so nice…thank you.

Prayer requests: Come Lord Jesus Come…..

1. My physical that the doctors are working on…results in February.

2. God to direct all my paths and that I be open and willing to follow Him

May our Lord Bless each of you the year through!

Your missionary and fellow worker for Him,

Loretta Smith

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