Bice, Les & Cathy Newsletter (Winter 2015)

The Bice Family

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ:

It has been a very exciting and very interesting year. Cathy has been very busy in the Finance Department and I in the Video Department.

This last summer, we led a team of preteens to Indiana to assist TTT Ministries with their Summer Fair Share program. This was quite the trip. We knew the Fair Share Program was tough, but IMG_1255when you go to the county fairs to witness for Christ to people who are at the fairs just to see the shows and ride the rides, it is a very difficult and frustrating task. Even with all the negative responses, we still had many people accept the Lord as their Savior. That was the blessings the Lord gave us.

George Dooms (director of TTT Ministries) kept us quite busy with the Fair Shares starting in the early afternoon and us returning sometimes around midnight. It made for some very long days and short nights. It was also a blessing to take along the first year Florida Free BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center (BMW) students. Their help at the fairs was a real blessing. We were also given plenty of opportunities to witness at several of the local churches. On Sundays we split up as George had us going different directions with two different church services at the same time.

IMG_1537The trip was not all work, we had plenty of other activities to keep us going. We went to a farm that belonged to a friend of George Dooms. There was plenty of food, along with swimming and even some horseback riding. This was a very special blessing for all. I believe that the BMW students enjoyed it even more than the team. It gave the students time to just relax after their schooling and all the Boot Camp work that was required of them. We also ate at the Log Inn (where President Lincoln ate). Then on the way back to Florida, we stopped at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. This was a very interesting place to visit. There we got the Biblical view of history, not the worldly ideas of history.

IMG_0094We praise the Lord for the 11 Boot Camps running around the world during the past few months in Zambia (3), Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda (2), Tanzania, India (Manipur), Honduras and Australia. There is not room here to report on all God has done but here is a recent testimony on the three Boot Camps in Zambia:

The Boot Camps in Ndola and Mansa are completed and the Solwezi Boot Camp is in debrief. Here at Ndola we had 8 teams. We had quizzers come from our MSSM ministries at Dola Hill, Kasongo, and George compound and these (what amounted to a team of 24) were supported from funds sent from the states. Most of the support comes from various ministries that cater to orphans and send their orphans to Boot Camp. Thomas Kabwata coordinated this Boot Camp and reported that he had a total of 189 team members and leaders on the 8 teams. He stated that there were a total of 525 people that made decisions for Christ either at the camp or from evangelism outreach while on the teams. He said 188 indicated a call to full-time ministry at debrief. We had very positive responses from the hosts of the teams during the project time. They were impressed with the changes  they saw in team members and with the work that was done on the field. They want teams next year and vowed to send more of their kids to camp next year. These are very positive signs for us.

Oscar Chama coordinated the Boot Camp at Mansa and reported he had 81 team members (all MSSM quizzers) and leaders on four teams. He also is coordinating the Boot Camp in Solwezi where he has 97 team members (again all MSSM quizzers) and leaders on four teams.  He is there now finishing up. He has been going back and forth and has had much help from Derrick the facilitator at Mansa and Richard the facilitator at Solwezi. That is a great encouragement to get this help. He really has appreciated having a new (to him) truck to use this year. No breaks downs to frustrate the work.

The last Boot Camp we run in Zambia will be in the Lufwanyama district with again four teams. These will also be MSSM team members. It will run from April 11 to May 9, 2015.

There has been interest in reopening the Congo Boot Camp. We regularly get visitors from Congo who are asking when we will run again. Kunda Musentekwa has also asked and is willing to coordinate 20140730_15_16_45_746_4AD5B682it if we do. It might be time to run that Boot Camp again. It runs in June.

As of now, we are assigned to leading the Indiana Team again this summer.  This summer we will be working with teens and not preteens like last year.  Again this year the first year BMW students will be a part of our summer and assist us in the evenings at the fairs.   The Old Testament Tabernacle will also be setup on TTT property, so our summer will be full.  We look forward to a good summer filled with reports of lives changed as people accept Christ as Savior.

Thank You for all your prayers.

In His Name,

Les and Cathy


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