Chicas, Chico & Kathy Newsletter (Winter 2015)

Chicas Staff Newsletter

Dear friends and family,

By the grace and mercy of God, we have been able to complete the 2014-2015 Teen Missions Honduras Boot Camp! As I write this, it is only the training that has been completed, as the teams are out on their projects right now, but by the time you receive this, they will have all returned, gone through Debrief, and be back in their homes.


An Evening Rally

Every year, it is quite a faith-stretching experience, because we never know how many leaders, team members, or volunteers will show up until arrival day! But every year, God proves Himself faithful in sending exactly who He wants. This year we had hoped to send a team to the Eastern part of Honduras, La Mosquitia, and another to Guatemala, but team members and/or their churches were apparently unable to raise finances, because no one came for them. Those two teams were cancelled and we were left with the four teams here in the main part of Honduras. One team, quite close to us actually, is working with a children’s home and doing evangelism in the nearby parks and open marketplaces. A second team is doing a construction

2014-2015 Honduras Boot Camp

2014-2015 Honduras Boot Camp

project, finishing a church building, near the center of Honduras in Comayagua. A third team is a hiking team doing evangelism in several villages in the Intibucá mountains. This area has very little contact with any evangelical Christians so it is a great opportunity. Finally, the fourth team is doing evangelism on the streets of the coastal city of La Ceiba. This year, our sons, Daniel and Samuel, participated as team members for the first time on Honduran teams. Samuel is in the mountains and Daniel is on the coast. Between team members and leaders, we had 76 total, add staff and volunteers and we were close to 100 people here at the base for the 12 days of training! Talk about busy! We are so very thankful for the volunteers that God sent to help us out, they were very willing to do whatever was needed with great attitudes. We do so thank you for your prayers! As usual, our next newsletter will have the final report of all that was done, for the glory of God, by these teams!

During Boot Camp each year we also have our Graduation/Commissioning service for our Bible School students. This year, there were not any graduates, but we did have six commissioning students, this means they have finished the two years of school here on the base and will now go out and do a one-year internship. Of those six, one is a girl who received her training at Teen Missions school in Ecuador and decided to do her internship here. We are excited about the new and different life and cultural experiences that she can share with us!

unnamed-1Every year, I think our biggest prayer request is for the team members and leaders—that they would respond to God’s call for them to serve Him in full-time missions work. Also, if it is God’s will they should receive their Biblical training here, that their families and churches would be supportive of that decision. If you remember, from our last newsletter, (if you received it), we would appreciate your continued prayers that a greater number of our graduates would be brave enough to go to the areas of the world with greatest need and least evangelical missionaries—the unreached people groups.

Events before Boot Camp (Sept. to Dec. 2014)

Samuel was baptized, along with 12 others, on Nov. 16th, 2014! We praise the Lord for this step in his spiritual life and ask for prayer for him, for the others, and for our family, that we would all make choices each day that would bring honor to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

Samuel and Daniel were a part of the Bible Quizzing team from the Awana program at the church we attend in San Isidro. We are so proud of them for winning the regional competition and going on to win 2nd and 4th places in the National competition that was held in Siguatepeque on Dec. 13th, 2014.

Kathy’s sister, Judy, was able to come for the month of November to help with some serious organizational projects needing attention at the Chicas house! As an extra blessing, she also helped with our children’s schooling by tutoring them in her area of expertise—English grammar! And, guess what? Samuel found out that he loves to write! (As long as it’s something he is interested in writing about!) She also tried to figure out how the termites were getting into our house. She did grouting on the inside and spackled cement on the outside in an attempt to prevent their entrance. So far, we haven’t seen any since then…..we’ll see! Besides all the work she did, it was so nice to have the fellowship of a sister that I don’t get to see very often!

Our mama pig gave birth to 13 piglets! That was a new experience for most of us here who have never been around pigs before. Three of them died, but 10 is still a lot of pigs! We sold some when they were small and are planning to sell some for meat – we’re still waiting to see if we are going to break even on this investment that has turned out to require a lot of expense!

Events after Boot Camp (February on)

In February, we are planning to have a training course for the first MSSM in Honduras. This is a ministry that Teen Missions has been operating in Africa for several years now and it has been very successful, so we would like to try it here. MSSM stands for Motorcycle Sunday School Missions and the idea is that one trained person rides a motorcycle around to villages that do not have schools or evangelical churches. This person would visit each of six villages once a week, every week, teaching them to read through phonics and to memorize Bible verses at the same time. At the end of a period of time, the villages would come together for a Quiz of the memory verses! If things work out, some of our Bible school graduates would be the “circuit riders.”

We are also looking forward to March when a man and his son from our church in Salem are planning to come to help us out for a week and a half. Anytime someone comes, we understand the sacrifice they are making. We believe that it is worth it, not only for their enrichment, but also for the blessing and encouragement they bring to us.

unnamed-4And finally, in April, we are planning to make a visit to the most beautiful place on planet Earth—Oregon! We will be available and happy to share about the Teen Missions ministry in Honduras, so let us know if you would like to have us. In the past, it has taken awhile to schedule and the time runs out, so we are hoping to plan earlier this year. Daniel and Samuel would like to go on summer missions trips so they would like to let everyone know that they will be available to do odd jobs to help raise their support. Chico and I are not going to lead a Teen Missions team this summer in order for Chico to take the summer term at the university here in Honduras and in that way not fall any further behind in his studies.

I think that pretty much sums it up for this newsletter. We are always thankful to each one of you who support us financially and/or through prayer. We pray that you are blessed for being a blessing!

In Christ,

Francisco, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, and Abigail Chicas


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