Vanderpool, Kathy Newsletter (Winter 2015)


Dear Family and Friends,Cowboy Lee Homoki

The new year has begun with many things to do.

Mustard Seed Camp theme this year is Cowboys. We have covered wagons, crafts, stories, the O.C., Bible verses and wordless books to get ready, schedules to plan and speakers to get for the Mustard Seed Camp. I believe there are five team members signed up already. It is a joy to get everything ready in the months ahead as the little ones are such a joy to have at camp. This year we will have a real Cowboy come and speak at the camp. I think the children will really enjoy his time with us.

DSCN6052We continue to keep up with the communications with the overseas bases. Already we are starting to gather all the information from the Boot Camps that have run. Specifically we ask them to do their inventories so we can pack the requested supplies for our summer teams to take to them this summer. The February wires take a little time to get all the information together so that our bases overseas will get their working budgets.

This is the time of the year for volunteers—many of the ladies are working on repairing the Tabernacle linen and making puppets. Trying to keep up with the supplies that they need to accomplish their tasks can be challenging at times.

2015 BoardWe recently had our Teen Missions International Board Meeting and I got to prepare snacks for them. It is fun to try to come up with a variety of snacks that everyone would enjoy.

This summer we are making plans for me to visit several countries in Africa. We don’t have it all finalized but should have the final schedule in my next newsletter.

We will be hosting the very first AIDS Orphans Mud Run May 2nd. Many of you may have been involved in some kind of mud run. They seem to be very popular around here for fund raising. It is something new that we will be trying this year. We are in the process of building the course now. We pray that it will be a success. We will also be having an Open House for Teen Missions on the same day. It will be a great opportunity for many locals to find out about Teen Missions. We will have all the Big Tops up for the event. You are all welcome to attend the Open House and do the Mud Run.

God continues to be faithful One that He promises to be. Needs are taken care of, He takes care of our health needs and allows us to continue to serve Him. What a privilege to be serving here at Teen Missions. Thank you so much for those who faithfully pray and give financially for me to be here.

Because of Him,


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