Phippen, Seth & Emily Newsletter (Winter 2015)

Phippen 2015Dear friends and family,

We hope that the season of Christmas and the year of 2014 were as fabulous for you as they were for our family! As Emily and I look ahead at the change that 2015 is going to bring to our family we have confidence in God’s Word. Hebrews 13:8  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” So even in a season of change, Christ will never change and we have strength and confidence because of that.

On January 3rd we signed our staff agreement with Teen Missions International and I quit my other job at the car wash. We have now been on staff for over a month and every day becomes more exciting.

Emily is able to stay at home to take care of James and work on the many different projects that she has going on. James is now four months old and is growing fast. He loves to laugh and smile and if there is a party going on there is no way that he will take a nap, because he wants to entertain.

1601311_10152500061672992_2856697309252922518_nTeen Missions has asked me to work in the Retreat and Conference department and my job specifically is to promote the Teen Missions Conference Center. I am very excited about this for several reasons, but the biggest reason is because the money made from conferences and retreats that come to use the facilities here at Teen Missions all go to the Bible school that is running here. When Emily and I joined staff we told Teen Missions that we wanted to help with the students as much as we can and only a little over a week here we have been able to do that in many ways! God is so much greater than we could ever imagine.

We have been asked to be head leaders on the Russia sports team this summer. We are very excited to be able to have the opportunity to not only speak into the lives of our team members but also with the Russian youth that we will be playing soccer and volleyball with. We will be involved with the Teen Missions team from the end of June until the middle of August. We would appreciate your prayers as we prepare mentally and Spiritually for thisIMG_0022IMG_0025 summer and as we raise the financial support that we need for this awesome missions experience.

We would like to thank you for your prayers as our family has been making this change to join staff with Teen Missions. It’s not easy to change from a paying job to a support-based ministry or from an 8am to 5pm job to a ministry that you need to be ready to go at any moment. But we are so blessed and encouraged that God has called us to be apart of what He is doing to reach the world with the love of Christ through Teen Missions. We know that God has called us here and He will continue to lead us.

Your prayers, financial giving and encouragement have been a great blessing to us. I would like to let you know of a few ways that you can continue to pray for Emily and I as we serve the Lord here with Teen Missions:  

Prayer Request:

– Please continue to pray that we would be still and listen for His voice of direction every day.

– Please pray that we would become fully supported.

– Please pray for James to continue to grow healthy and strong in Christ.

– Please pray for the ministry that Emily and I have with the staff, Bible school students, and people that we meet every day, that we would be effective in sharing God’s love with them.

IMG_0023Thank you again for all that you have done. Emily and I are very grateful for the ways that you have sacrificed in your families to help our family. We love what we are doing and we are excited to see the ways that God is going to use us for His glory in the world this year.

God bless,

Seth, Emily & James

867 East Hall Rd

Merritt Island, FL 32953

[email protected]  


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