Anyara, Rose Newsletter (Winter 2015)

“We have a God who is able.”   Ephesians 3:20

Untitled-1Happy New Year to all my prayer partners and to all those who support me.

I want to say thank you for all the great work you are doing for Nehemiah House Hostel and me.

As one of the pioneers of BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center (BMW) in Uganda, I am so glad to say that the Lord has continued to use me in His service with Teen Missions. The Lord has allowed me to serve Him in other African countries like Malawi and Mozambique where I served my internship and as staff during 2006 and 2007. I also worked in Kenya and Rwanda where I lead teams. In 2003 I lead a team to Rwanda, but we were deported due to the rebels. Despite any difficulties along the way, I have never given up serving the Lord. In this 2014-2015 Boot Camp, I was able to teach “Maturity Class” and “The Will of God” and I certainly saw God touching the lives of the teens.

Plastering Wall and Veranda

Plastering Wall and Veranda

Water Tank and its Stand

Water Tank and its Stand

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

The Power of the Word of God: On the morning that I taught “The Will of God,” I asked the teens if there was anything that they took that didn’t belong to them during Boot Camp, and if there was, I told them to bring it to me and ask God for His forgiveness. Oh! Many teens from different teams walked forward carrying whatever it was that they had taken: Bibles, memory packets, shoes, pens, notebooks and caps. We ended class with everyone lifting up their voice to God, repenting and asking for forgiveness. The team members with missing items were also able to pick up their belongings.

On Commissioning Day, my coordinators Mr. and Mrs. Chimbila requested that I preach, which I did. The next day, teams began to depart, and I joined the Kyoga team as they left for the Promised Land. The team was able to do some work for us at the Nehemiah House Hostel. They plastered the outside of the whole building, put up the verandah, built the water tank structures, and dug a pit latrine for the TTT AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit. I praise the Lord so much for all the great work which was done at the hostel. Truly, God is faithful and He is answering our prayers.

We prayed for solar power and now we have it!

We prayed for the building to be worked on; it is done!

We prayed for the water tanks and the Lord has provided 2, 1500-litre tanks for us!

We prayed for the bicycle for fetching drinking water and the Lord has provided!

What a mighty God we serve!

In a bushy place where no one expected any good thing to come from our hostel, where people try to abuse it, God has come in and shone His light upon Nehemiah House.

We will continue praying and believing God to do more for us.

Back at Debrief I was again given a chance to preach because my coordinator was sick. I did “Bridging the Gap” class, where I saw teens and leaders committing themselves to serving the Lord as they went back home.


Untitled-5I am glad that the girls in the hostel house have increased in number. When I was sent there, there was only eight girls, but now we have 18 girls. We are praying and believing God for more girls to come this year.

We have our daily morning and evening glory where we praise and worship and then pray for the needs of the hostel, the girls, and the ministry of TMI, not forgetting those who support and pray for us. On Saturdays we share from the Bible and give the girls a chance to give their life to Christ. Last year in third term we had two girls who were Catholic give their lives to Christ. Their names are Dinah and Robin and they just finished primary grade 7.  Through this daily fellowship, God is answering us and most of the girls have the fear of the Lord in them. They have learned English, how to pray, and have even seen God faithful in answering prayers. They see Him providing books, pens, soap, and pencils. When they receive these things, they see that they have a loving Father who loves them and provides for them.

I appreciate all those who pray for me and support me. May the Almighty God bless you with His unending blessings. I love you all and do pray for you.

Thank You,

Anyara Rose


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