Ayers, Bryan & Dawn Newsletter (Winter 2015)


AyersAround the Florida Base

Dawn works 20 hours a week, which can be a challenge while still homeschooling 4 of our children. Usually she goes in for the afternoon and works in the finance department. There are many details to get right while working in there.

Bryan has been assigned as department head in the Personnel Department. There are many needs for the various staff and volunteers around the world that come through their office. He especially likes the opportunities that he has to encourage and pray for different staff people in whatever need they might bring.

The next few months will be particularly busy.  Bryan, Dawn and Jonathan will be going to Leader Seminar for participating on our teams this summer.  It was decided that there would be a team to Prince Edward Island, Canada in the future, so because we lived there before Bryan gets to travel up in March to make the arrangements.  

There have been many retired volunteers come and help us for a couple weeks to a couple of months. Some talented ladies have been sewing new puppets and fixing the used ones as well as repairing the linens on the life-sized Tabernacle here.  The volunteer men have done a variety of jobs from assembling Bible marking kits for summer team Bible studies to repairing lawn mowers. It’s wonderful to fellowship with these people who love to serve.

Untitled-3Family Happenings:

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here for three months now, but it’s starting to grow on us. All three vehicles and our driver’s licenses now say Florida. Christmas shopping and all the festivities in shorts is a little hard to imagine, but we’re learning to really like it. In this new year we’re thrilled to be sharing with you where God has lead us.

Abby is in her second term at Teen Missions’ Bible, Missionary and Work Training Center. She’s making lots of friends with young people who also have a heart to serve Christ around the world. She is missed at home, but it’s fun to see her at work and at home some weekends. Luke and Hannah are looking for jobs. Grace, Benjamin and Caleb could play all day with their friends on our street.  Jonathan is preparing for well-drilling training, and will be going with a team to Malawi Africa this summer to drill some wells for clean water.  After that he will stay in Malawi for one year with another young man to continuing to drill wells for people who need it.

We are in the process of buying a home.  It seems like forever that we have been looking.  The offer has been accepted and we are spinning through all the details.  Hopefully, we’ll be moving in by the end of February.

Even while missing our church family back in Missouri, everything tells us that we are in the right place at the right time as God has lead us. Our purpose and calling is sure. We carry on in the mission of Christ to seek and see the lost saved and to disciple God’s people to their fullest potential.

Untitled-4Summer Is Around The Corner:

The summer is approaching rapidly and we are already working hard to get everything ready for the coming training and sending out of young people from the Lord’s Boot Camp.

Dawn and I have been assigned to lead a team of preteens to Trinidad for a project this summer. Our project is to build a security wall for Triumphant Ministries. We may also have the opportunity to assist with their food ministry to underprivileged children.

The purpose of Teen Missions International is to train teens to live a sold-out life for Jesus. The summer team ministry is what makes that happen, so we can’t wait for it to come.

Three of our children are going as team members this year- Luke to Madagascar and Grace & Benjamin to Trinidad with us. Caleb is going as a leader’s child with us as well.

If you’d like to share in a part of their summer mission support, fill in the coupon below circling “Children’s Teams” on the coupon next to “Bryan and Dawn Ayers” or contact us for their summer team support material.

Financial Update:

We are grateful for your continued prayers as we work to connect with people about partnering with us to disciple young people through the goalvarious ministries both here in Florida and around the world.

We are at about 42% of our monthly partnership giving. Both large and small one-time gifts have been received by individuals and churches.  Recently, a new $100 monthly pledge has been made.

We welcome your questions about participating with us as a prayer and/or financial partner.

Around the World With Teen Missions:

During the recent Boot Camp training in South Africa 33 young people made decisions to follow Christ. Over the course of their team projects 288 people would decide to give their lives to Jesus!

Teen Missions Australia has sent Australian young people out to minister in Fiji, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Hungary and South Africa.

In the summer of 2014 an American team of teens drilled a well for clean water in an area of Malawi, Africa that has had little, if any, Christian witness. Today, near that well, there is a Teen Missions Sunday School teaching people of all ages about the love of Christ.

In Cameroon, Young Melaniy has a wonderful testimony. She is only 9 years old and fell absolutely in love with her Teen Missions Sunday School. She goes and testifies what God is doing in her life, especially to her family. Through Melaniy, her older sister Shela accepted Christ into her heart as well.


Bryan, Dawn, Jonathan, Abby, Hannah, Luke, Grace, Benjamin & Caleb



  1. May God Bless you all, as you serve HIM this summer in everything you do.

    We are praying for you all.


    Eric and Chelsey

  2. thanks for you recent update.

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