MacPherson, Todd & Rosemary Newsletter (Winter 2015)

MacPhersonDear Friends and Family,

Today the sun is shining. It is partly cloudy and the temperature is above -20C. It is a beautiful day in Outlook, SK. Inside our house the place feels cozy. Kara is playing and Shemar is FINALLY asleep. I can hear my clothes tumbling in the dryer and I know I have dishes to do, breakfast and dinner to make, but for a few more minutes I’m going to soak in my view of this beautiful winter day and a happy smiley baby. Oh, and finish writing to you.

Todd leaves soon for a missions conference. During the fall, Todd winterized and shut up the camp. So with the camp closed, his main job is promoting Teen Missions and the mission trips at missions conferences and schools. Since we have been here he has had the chance to speak at four schools and host a table at several missions conferences. We are looking forward to going as a family to a homeschool convention in Regina in February.

photo 5Teen Missions in Canada was established in 1982 because many Canadian youth were going on summer teams, and their donors were not able to have tax deductible status for their donations processed in the U.S. The original office was in Windsor, Ontario. In 2009, it was decided to look for another, more central location – and it was hoped that it would be a location where we could also have a conference and retreat center which would enable the ministry to generate income for the Canada office operations, much like Florida’s Conference and Retreat Center.

The role of Teen Missions in Canada is mostly twofold: processing finances and promoting the ministry opportunities offered through Teen Missions. During the spring, summer, and early fall, Todd keeps busy at the camp that Teen Missions has leased, but because we do not have the funds to fully upgrade the kitchen and cabins to meet the current health department requirements, the camp is unused – and will continue to be unused for the foreseeable future. We would appreciate your prayers that God will provide so that the camp CAN be upgraded so we can use it as a conference and retreat center in the spring, summer, and early fall. It is also hoped that, once the camp is upgraded, we can hold Mustard Seed and Peanut camps right here, too. Until then, maintenance is the name of the game.

Oh, did I tell you about our trip over Christmas? It was amazing. Todd’s grandparents paid for our plane tickets for us to go to Ontario for Christmas as a surprise present to Todd’s parents. And amazingly we managed to keep the secret and surprise them on Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful time and are grateful for the chance to visit family and friends.

We have been blessed this Christmas by our partners, friends, family and church. The kids are dressed warmly and have enough toys to keep them entertained on the cold days. And we parents are happy to have a warm home and food on the table. Thank you all and I hope you have a happy new year.

Sincerely,photo 2-2photo 2

~Todd and Rosemary MacPherson

+ Shemar, Kara

Heb. 10:24


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