Reilly, Mike & Rena Newsletter (Winter 2015)


Dear Family and Friends,

What an amazing year 2014 was. We are still not sure how we got everything done! As we look back over our year we have many things to be thankful for this Christmas season. Below you will find a few of them.

2014 found us thankful for:

• The many salvations we were blessed with through the 44 camps we hosted, students’ ministry, and Boot Camp summer program and the overseas work

• Being able to go to the US to help with Rena’s mom as she was moved from hospital to hospital, then to a new nursing home and then we were able to help get her medication corrected

Rena Teaching Leader Seminar

Rena Teaching Leader Seminar

• Rena’s trip to Zambia to work with the AIDS orphans where the ladies were able to: sew school uniforms for the orphans, help with a nutrition class which showed the mothers how to make a soybean formula for their children to keep them from starvation, help the people in the village by doing alterations and making clothes for them and prepare for a school to be built for the orphans

• Mike’s trip to Burma to do team set up and prepare for a training center to be started in the future

• The opportunity to train leaders at our base who will go out with the teens and disciple them

• The opportunity to teach and raise up missionaries at our Bible School and Training Center

• Having Brandon and Katie Rose celebrate their first anniversary. They are both taking classes at the seminary in Ft Worth, Texas and working.

• Watching Michael finish a course with YWAM and his ministry in South Africa, which included working in the slums and schools helping kids that just want a little bit of love

• Getting Teen Missions Australia Facebook page and phone APP up and running (you can follow us a bit better by making us your friend). Praise God for students who know how to enter that stuff in for “the updates”. The parents who had team members out on teams really enjoyed the updates.

• Mike was able to start construction on the campground chapel that will house 300. (He likes to have something to build. It will be about 55 ft x 99 ft.)

• Organizing our Bible school students into a travel team so they can put what they have studied into use with practical skills. They were able to help churches, youth groups, and schools throughout New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland with teaching classes, holding Bible studies and challenging youth to get going and do something. They also did some practical helps work which included renovations and maintenance at churches and youth camps.

• Watching a bunch of young people:  build Bible schools in Cambodia and India; renovate a church in Hungary; prepare grounds for a training center for the homeless in South Africa; start new dormitories for orphans in Burma; and help at a youth camp in Fiji.

• The open door for us to again be a part of Easterfest and Blackstump youth programs that had over 40,000 in attendance.

• Major repairs on the camp and being able to keep it running

We pray as you look back over your year, that you too will see the many things you have to be thankful for. Our list does not include all the many things we are thankful for, it just gives you an idea of some of the things we have been involved in this year. Please know you are a part of what makes all of this happen for us.

Mike getting them fire upgNow some of the things we are working on for this upcoming year:

• We are working on obtaining a drilling rig and a portable grinding mill to go to Zambia to be able to drill wells for the people —providing access to water for them and to be able to grind maize to make flour for food.

• It looks like we will have about 17 students for this coming year at our base Bible school.

• Expanding the school so that overseas young people can come (lots of paperwork)

• Looking to send out the new set of road trip students to help schools, youth groups, churches and campgrounds

• New phone APP, web page and Facebook page helping young people continue in the faith to include weekly devotions, topics on how to make a difference right where they are, and how to help their youth group

• Of course continuing with the other things like taking care of more camp groups that come in

• Get ready for the upcoming teams:  Nepal Orphanage, Cambodia Motorcycle team, Zambia Bread & Water (drilling rig and flour mill), Solomon Island Church, Fiji home/shelter for abused women, and Kilimanjaro Backpack Bible school

• Never forget Rena’s Orphan team, sewing for the ladies and drilling for water for the guys

• Mike has plans to travel to India soon, then back to Burma and possibly the Philippines

• Continue working on the Chapel and start a couple of other building projects that Mike still wants to do

Prayer Requests:

• Pray for our finances. They took another hit this past year and we are down about $4,000 from last year.

• Pray for direction as this past year has brought a new hope and some questions.

Michael Planing

Michael Planing

• Pray for our students as they study.

• Pray for new staff. We NEED help and we need it now if we are to continue.

• Pray that the government does not override our paperwork as it seems we spend more time on that than teaching.

• Pray for Rena’s health as she has high blood pressure and the medicine is not working yet. Her thyroid is also giving her trouble.

• Pray for Michael and direction; he is still looking for work or whatever God wants for him.

A lot has happened this past year and a lot more is about to happen (even more if we get staff). Please know it would not have happened without your prayers and it will not continue to happen without your prayers. Thank you for getting in there. You have seen what God has done because of your prayers. You now have faith for what He is about to do again through your prayers!


In Christ,

Mike & Rena


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