Lane, Bob & Betty Newsletter (Winter 2015)

Lane Staff Newsletter

STeenmissio15011914311Dear Family & Friends,

Greeting in the name of Jesus. We hope this letter finds you in the best of health.

It’s a wonderful life as Jimmy Stewart puts it. Betty & I believe that to be true after 63 wonderful years of marriage and all of our loving family and friends. We have also had 36 years of serving our Lord Jesus with Teen Missions. We never would have dreamt we would travel the world sharing the Gospel in 78 different countries.

I played the part of Santa at the staff Christmas party. STeenmissio15011914320Betty always likes to have a large Christmas tree with her snowmen. Christmas is special at our house with our family and loving great grandchildren.

2014 has been a test of our faith with Betty’s sudden sickness. She still has problems with her balance; she fell a couple of days ago and struck her head. Thank the Lord she is ok. I am still suffering from the accident last July. As a result of the accident, I have had six months of therapy and three Epidurals to my neck which have given little relief.  On Feb 2 I will see my neurosurgeon who is the best in the US. He will address the three herniated discs in my neck. Well 2014 was not all gloom and gray clouds; I know the sun always shines.

STeenmissio15011914321November 15 I had the honor to perform my special beautiful granddaughter’s wedding ceremony. It was a wonderful day on Cocoa Beach. The ocean water was calm and the sand glittered like jewels. Desiree is special to us because she enjoyed being with us during her early years. Three different times she traveled to Russia and the Ukraine with us. She married a very nice young man Zec Wald. Wendy & Bonnie, our oldest granddaughters, and families flew in from the West Coast. Stanley & Janet came from Richwood Virginia and Robert & Ty came from Tampa, along with my STeenmissio15011914330brother Jack. To all of those who couldn’t make it, you were missed. We had 13 sleeping in our house. Sometimes they all preferred to call it a sleep in party. It was a lot of fun and a happy time to review the past and talk about years earlier when our youngest son married and there were 26 in his house—his house was larger with upstairs.

Betty & I were blessed with a new refrigerator for our 63rd anniversary—one of those stainless steel four-door models. Lowes had them marked down 50% off and I received another 10% off because I’m a veteran. Now isn’t life wonderful?  I call it our pain and suffering fridge. We bought it with leftover money from repairing the van. God sure loves us.

STeenmissio15011914301A dear sister in the Lord, 21 year old Ann, passed away Friday due to injuries resulting from a car accident. Her sweet spirit will be missed. The Bible teaches us that life is like a vapor. We just don’t know our time, so the Bible tells us we should be ready and make sure our name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. For we know Jesus is the only way to heaven.

Prayer Requests:

• Pray for safety

• Pray our health & healing

• Pray for Bob’s upcoming surgery on his neck

• Pray our family’s salvation

Bob & Betty Lane


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