Petersen, Doug & Barb Newsletter (Winter 2015)

Petersen DB Staff NewsletterTo God be the Glory, Great things He has done!

Dear Friends and Family,

Boot Camp season, along with graduation for the BMWstudents in Zambia has come and gone and God has worked in great ways.  I will give some thumbnail pictures of things that have happened while you were entering into a new year.


At Boot Camp the teens come with no Bibles.  It is very hard to have their daily quiet time personal devotions for a half hour in the morning.  Jamie Bagge, who you see with Doug and me in a photo, shipped Bibles for the Boot Camp.  They were delayed a week and when they arrived the teens screamed with delight to get a brand new complete paperback Bible.  We wondered if US kids would be that excited to receive a gift like that at Christmas.  You can see them holding up their Bibles and a team member using one in her quiet time.IMG_0593IMG_0540IMG_0610

BMW Graduation:  

(BMW stands for BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center)  You will see Doug, Thomas Kabwata—the Bible School coordinator, and Leonard Mutango, one of our board members).  Leonard was our graduation speaker this year.  The graduates are wearing the cap and gowns.  They come in doing “steps,” a co-ordinated dance of sorts.  The commissioning class students are in the other robes and they also come in doingsteps.  It is a very festive graduation ceremony.  There were nine graduates  and 11 students who commissioned and will start their internship.  We have 12 seniors and a new intake of juniors which will give us a total of 34 students still in class.  IMG_0563IMG_0567IMG_0561

Boot Camp:

 I know that the picture looks just like all the other years, but this is the 2014 picture with 189 team members and leaders.  Zambia has just finished the 20th year of Boot Camps.  We praise God for His faithfulness and the work that He does in their lives each year.  There were eight teams in Ndola (our base) and four teams were in Mansa (northern part of Zambia) and four teams in Solwezi (western part of Zambia).  Oscar Chama runs those two.  You will see the line of teens carrying their candles out after the Commissioning service before they go to their projects.  Thomas Kabwata runs the Boot Camp at our base in Ndola.  (With Doug looking over his shoulder because he cannot help it.  🙂  But we do praise God for the faithful work of both Thomas and Oscar.  They are so great to work as staff men.  The Boot Camp saw at least 90 of the teens pray to receive Jesus during the evening rallies.  When the eight teams came back from projects,  those teams had prayed for more than 400 people during their times of evangelism.  We pray that God will give fruit that will last through all IMG_0585of eternity.


 All during the holiday time the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission was running.  I will include one of the stories from them.  The Circuit Riders write reports for each of the 14 Sunday Schools that they conduct.  They do meetings all week, not just IMG_0124on Sundays.  Steve Kasoma sent in this report about a young man named Fred.  God is working, changing one life at a time.

Steve’s Report:

One day I was teaching the kids together with adults. The Bible lesson was called “David is not Stubborn”.  A 21 year-old man by the name of Fred was touched by the message that day. After three  weeks he gave this testimony. He said after hearing the lesson, he began to study the Bible and to apply its teaching and he was especially touched in his heart. Fred said, “I grew up in an unhappy home. My parents, for example, had violent tempers and they beat me. As a result, I became a bad person. I used to steal and do bad things. During my teens I spent years as an outcast. I committed a brutal assault that landed me in prison. When I was finally released, I came here and nothing was making sense, even “chanting” with people. Then one day I reflected on the Sunday School lesson you taught. I gradually became more understanding, patient, and forgiving.”

When Fred came we didn’t know that he had been in prison. He had sores and was coughing and he used to come to get medicines. Fred continued,“Things now are starting to make sense. I learned a lot from the Bible, including the importance of saying “I am sorry.” He added, “I received Christ as my personal Savior. Thank you to Teen Missions Sunday School, you restored my life.” We give God the Glory for the change in Fred’s life. Amen.

To our Supporters:  We praise God for every one of you who support us in prayer and with financial support.  All we can say is that God is truly a God Who is above and beyond all we can ask or think!  He is using you in this ministry.  We want you to know that.  We pray that God’s blessing will rest upon all of you.  May you prosper and be in health and above enjoy all of the spiritual blessings found in Christ Jesus, our Savior and Lord.  We love you.

Thank you for joining your hands with ours as we labor together…

In His harvest,

Doug and Barb Petersen

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Teen Missions

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